If your still here GTFO ๐Ÿ˜ƒYou are missing out!

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If you are reading this and you are not swapping Steem for Hive out of your wallet before Hive blows up, than drop the time and energy you are investing in Steemit and move to Hive.

The people and energy that originally made Steemit exciting are all on #Hive I don't believe there is anyone left? I am extremely gifted with strong Empathy or empathic skills, I can feel Hive as if it is actually talking to me, I haven't been this positive in a very long while, I know for a fact if you want the excitement of getting in a community before it blows up this is it! Hive is a rare once in a decade opportunity not just the crypto side, but the community that comes with Hive, On Hive you meet and converse with many types of content creators that have nothing in common or share the same interests, but the Hive community itself is the cement that unites the masses of different creators thereby bringing a multitude of diversity under a common bond and friendship, where other social networking sites you are limited to like minds and groups and there is no brand loyalty to the platform. Mainstream Social Networking platforms are mechanical and sterile and are Run by Big Tech Tyrants! Where Hive is a platform that feels Organic and Alive.

Get On Board and GTFO
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