HF24 at Hive and the excluded


HF24 at Hive and the excluded

These users, including myself, were supposed to get the retrospective airdrop from Hive because they were excluded due to an error. Here is this source for that information:

Now the HF24 is ready, but I didn't get a single HIVE, no HP, nothing, nada ...

I then inquired on Hive's Discord and got some responses.


Did someone get the airdrop?

I don't want to cry here, but ultimately it's unfair. The airdrop is not a gift from a generous king. The blockchain was forked and this also includes the unjustifiably excluded users.


LOL now the page has been deleted where the people who should still get the drops were written: See https://peakd.com/hiveblockchain/@hiveio/community-discussion-updates-hive-airdrop-exclusion-core-developer-meetings
You are real criminals!

If I was banned from the Airdrop, for which a technical error was responsible, then I ask why my HP was transferred to the steem.dao account?
That means without a doubt that my hives were still there after the hard fork23.
However, these were stolen and credited to the Steem.dao account. Now steem.dao has NULL.
Since I did not get the Hive back, even though you yourself admitted that I was innocently excluded from the airdrop,
I must consider this behavior to be criminal.

After the HF24 there is not a single statement as to why and for what reasons we did not receive our legitimate airdrop.

Here is a Backup from the deleted Page:


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Steemchiller wurde in den Himmel gehoben für seine Arbeit.
Vor hive verging keine Woche ohne das er von #deutsch User gelobpreist wurde und nach dem A.Drop haben selbige ihn links liegen gelassen, noch schlimmer einige haben auch noch scheinheilige Begründungen vorgetragen. Die Begründung weil er von dem Air Drop ausgeschlossen wurde er habe 50% Sun Witnesse gewählt und dafür habe er es nicht verdient.
Charakter schwache käufliche User halt !

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Richtig so, gibs dem piratenhaufen anständig!!!


Ein starkes Stück.




hahaha the chain of the thousand and one errors from Ali Blocktrades and the thousand thiefs it is so ridiculous what this so said dream-team of Blockchainexperts and highly qualified crypto-code-programmers are not able to write a few thousand lines of code clear and without errors.

If someone from outside looks on this very special and high qualified work he must get dark thoughts about this work what some 13year old hackers could do better.
So one must came also to think about that all this was planned, and if not so maybe it´ll be wise to change the whole programming crew against one who would not fail so often ;)

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Gute Arbeit und dass uns die Verschwörungen nie ausgehen werden :-)