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Howdy folks'.

I may not have everything right. This is a complicated situation. But I am totally confused about this air drop thing and who will and will not get the Air Drop for the new Block Chain **Hive**.

I am going to attempt to look at the history of event up to the current time. It all stinks of corruption over and over again on so many levels.

Looking at exchanges and if they should or should not get an air drop at launch of the new chain. To me this could only be seen in a movie. Yet here we are doing what I think from observation and looking at recent events.

If I have got this all wrong I would like someone to explain things to me.

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Let's go, Deep breath and type calmly.

Justin Sun

Justin Sun made a purchase of Steemit Inc and created some FUD amongst us all. His continuous statements of a token swap and we would all move to a tron token. Very few wanted that if any at all.

Witnesses done a soft fork to freeze the Steem Power after numerous attempts to contact him from the Steemit representatives elected by the community yielded no results.


Binance along with some other exchanges then powered up the Steem Power held in accounts which they did not own to promote new witness made by Justin Sun to release Justin Sun's temporarily frozen funds.

A corrupt an illegal move Locking up the stake of the Steemit community.
Requests for withdrawals of tokens from Binance were not fulfilled and still today are not met.

A call was put forward for the community to take to the media waves and let the Crypto world know about this malicious and hostile take over of the STEEM chain. This was a successful campaign and got Binance and other exchanges to back down.

A call to boycott Binance was put forward too, and many agreed with this. Those our representatives pushed this to place pressure on Binance to remove themselves from the governance of Steemit.

A power down of that stake used to vote in sock puppet witness eventually began and 3.5 Million Steem was released to the Binance exchange, Still requests were not honoured for withdrawals. Binance then sent that 3.5 million Steem over to Justin sun.
You can view a post by @edicted about that

Discussion on in Hive server about the air drop are now on going.

While Binance colluded with Justin Sun to over throw the governance of the STEEM block chain. and then again later sent funding back to Justin Sun after it was powered down, Still refusing to honour requests for a withdrawal. Show additional intent on supporting Justin Sun in his bid to take over the STEEM chain in a hostile manner.

Then announcement of Hive was made and the air drop mentioned. Justin returned the 3.5 Million Steem to Binance. This to me appears as an effort to gain more token from Hive air drop. Twice Binance has shown it is not trustworthy.

This all stinks as an effort to gain a high stake of the new Hive token by an entity who has shown nothing but disregard for elected representation. I have read in Hive server today that Binance will get the air drop because they said they will list the new token. That they are one of the biggest exchanges out there.

Are we really going to reward Binance for their effort to destroy the STEEM block chain with 30 million Steem they refused to return to rightful owners?

For demonstrating a continued effort to collude with Justin Sun. Have we forgot about boycotting Binance already. Have we forgot their effort to destroy the chain?

At this same time it is said that any who openly supported Justin Sun by making posts to promote him and his agenda will not get the air drop. We will reward with an air drop one of the key players with a massive 30 Million Steem who attacked us. They then also as shown in Edicted's post colluded again by sending funds to Justin Sun.

30 Million is getting very close to 50% of what was needed to insert 20 new witness on Steem and we will really give it to an entity that tried to nullify the voice of the community.

I really do not know who is doing the thinking up there in the SLACK but by jeazus get your head on straight, Other exchanges shouted out they would list our token Steem when that hostile take over was attempted. Are they forgotten, that Binance is one of the biggest is not a good reason to drop 30 million Hive to that account and to me seems like the devil slipped another Ace from his sleeve.

I am really not sure, If Binance is pulling the wool over the yes of the witness or the witness pulling the wool over me.

This whole thing needs to be addressed with the whole community or is it another case of those who hold the power know better than the rest.

Is this the way we are going to begin the new chain, with a we know what we are doing. Here is one voice speaking up now saying this is a big decision and I am guessing it will be ignored, So I am going to tag all the top 20 witness to come read this and explain to me why the attacker is getting rewarded.

I and others are in the voice chat waiting to hear.


Okay I may have gone more than 20 witness.

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I don't think they should get the airdrop, it just doesn't seem like a good starting point, sets us up for a hostile entity with a large stake!


We seem to be starting off with a case of not listening to the community we will decide what is best for the community.
With a start like this, we can expect the same to continue. Decisions will be made brought to the community the community ignored because some have a higher stake.

Right now I actually would not airdrop binance .. Moving to another house with the whole family due to a rat plague but taking the rats with you sound weird to me


I can definitely agree with that statement. I find it hard to understand why the Witnesses cannot.


I agree, boycott Binance and the Tron mafia.

From the hiveio post:

The only accounts who will not be included in the initial airdrop are those containing the Steemit Inc ninja-mined stake, and those who actively contributed to (and publicly declared support for) the centralization of the Steem Blockchain.

So no, even though he has moved funds to Binance, I do not think he will be receiving any of the air drop. I don't think any of the sock puppet accounts will be getting the airdrop either. The above clip was from

He will be allowed to buy Hive Tokens just like anyone else, however only the Airdrop tokens will be vote able for the first 30 days, Also when buying any tokens on the market they are not vote able tokens until they have been held for 30 days.

To prevent governance (or funding) attacks, a 30 day delay has been added on crediting vests towards witness and SPS votes. Further governance changes will need to be developed alongside the community.

I guess we will see when the drop happens and the first week is done.


Binance holdings are still on the chain and right now is in talks to list new Hive coin to get the air drop

I 100% agree we should not airdrop Binance accounts. Binance CLIENT's account however could be airdropped once they withdraw them and return them to the Steem (or Hive) chain. But we need to be sure we dont airdrop and of Justins accounts if he withdraws them from Binance and returns to the chain. Not sure how.


Quite a few agree with us on this, unfortunately not the high up who I am thinking are looking to power down after the fork and will need a large exchange to sell the Stem quick


Hmmm. That does not sound ethical to me, if they are basing their decisions on personal factors. Not a good start for Hive if that is the case.
@netuoso Your thoughts on this please

Good logic here. It advertises us as a stronger community. Also, it could be seen as an advantage to lure Binance's competitors. You can't get the hot new coin on Binance, but you can get it [here].


Unfortunately Binance is in discussion now to get an air drop, which is way beyond my reasoning why we are even talking about that with them


Agreed. Struggling to think why I should move if this were to be the case.


The only reason I can think is people a want to be able to move large amounts of Steem or Hive after the fork. Once again fk the community they have a big stake. Money talks.


Upvoted (On Hive & Steem) 😉

I think we should airdrop to binance but only if they agree not to send to people on our black list. There is an issue with Justin probably having several binance accounts.

Alternatively we can give binance 50% or just tell them we will distribute up to 100% to binance users who join hive within a month pending individual confirmation from binance (a 0.001 transaction saying the amount).

Sure they may try to mess with us again, but if we catch anyone we can stop. It will also make them look bad if they publically agree first.


By sending 3.5 million to Justin, I think they showed they are not worried about what people think. Would could discuss this in circles until after the air drop.
We played got bit, then the dog came back to bite again with that 3.5 million transfer


I personally think we should decline Binance's offer to host HIVE but a lot of people will freak out. Perhaps those people will enjoy Steem?
Hive will already trade on a few honest exchanges, so I don't care. There are hundreds of better coins to play market maker with.


Those with large stake want it there. to handle transaction when they sell .

Just opinion

But then large stake is doing the negotiations

Can the negotiations get binance to host the Hive token while denying it the airdrop?


I think it is in the interest of any exchange to list the token, They all profit with each transaction.


Then that is good for the Hive token. I hope the mistakes of steem and other forks of steem are not repeated in this one. It would be nice to be on a platform where growth is encouraged and rewarded and writing, content creation can have the value denied it on regular social media platforms. Keeping fingers 🤞.