Hive - The Blockchain for Web 3.0

2년 전

As most of you can probably relate, it's been a rough couple of weeks.

Not only did we have to fight for our blockchain against a hostile takeover by he, who shall not be named.

Our global economy is also on the brink of collapse, a pandemic is rolling over the world and BTC is crashing like there's no tomorrow.

What a time to be alive, eh?

Well, the darkest nights produce the brighest stars.

And I can honestly say that the past couple of weeks, while being very exhausting, brought out massive positive changes.


Working on solutions

Over the last month, ever since the acquisition of Steemit Inc, I've been a part of many individuals working on solutions to save our blockchain from a hostile takeover.

The Steemit Inc ninjamine has always been a major risk inside this ecosystem, but over the last couple of weeks, it became obvious that this risk to our decentralised governance was unbearable, and that the only real solution would be to find away to move forward without this baggage.

Working out a solution was far from easy. It was quite difficult and there were many many hours spent discussing about names, brands, goals, ideals and everything else relevant to a solution.

In the end, the consensus was formed around a fork with the name: Hive

Hive - The Blockchain for Web 3.0

In the next couple of days, I'm going to publish another post going deeper into my thought process around Hive and what this means to Steem, etc.

But for now, I just wanted to get out a quick statement, since I've been deeply involved with Hive. And I'm excited that the news is finally out and to see that so many members of this community, that grew quite dear to my heart over the last couple of years, are in support of Hive. (not nec. against Steem, but simply in support of Hive).

The biggest reason why I'm so excited about Hive, is the fact that this community has so many great developers & contributors, and we're now able to create a home for all of us, without a ninjamine.

And while I'm not a blockchain developer, I learned a lot while developing various project on/for Steem. Hence, it was only obvious for me that I wanted to develop the new website:



Once Hive is actually running in the near future, there will be a lot more on the website to see, but for now, it's minimalistic and simple!

With this said:

Much love to all of you!

Steem will always live on, regardless of the branding.

Take care of yourself & Hive/Steem on!


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I’m all in because of the community and the the developers. But.....I love the branding too!

Super excited about the move and my bags have been packed and ready to go for weeks!


I love the branding very much too!

Hive is Web 5.0 ;)

I was very excited to see the announcement. I knew you all were working on something behind the scenes when things went quiet! Can't wait to move forward and see what's possible without a massive ninjamined stake holding us back.

Good choice of name/branding ~ HIVE, it gives me the impression that a "hardworking" are beeezy working and building for a better future.

My support goes to the Hive Blockchain! cheers!

Ohhhhh my. This are VERY BIG NEWS. Can wait to see the steem community migrate and start sharing the content there :) do we get to know which dapps are also migrating or you guys still not revealing that?


Like Appics you mean?

Plot twist: Ned knew this was going to happen and that we would be able to fulfill his vision only on a fork of steem...


I wonder what he is thinking right now?


He is probably secretly proud of us :D HIVE5

All this is all part of the adventure. We'll have to come up with some new terminology. The balance of power will shift with the other whales having more influence than before. Some of the bigger accounts are malicious, but taking their stake away may be considered unacceptable.

Anyway, I shall do what I can to help Hive become what Steem could have been.


Unavoidably, we will bring some baggage along, but I'm glad there is an attempt to limit the transference of hostile stake over to Hive. Either way, it's preferable to the alternative in my view.

Awesome @therealwolf, looking forward to Hive and seeing the promise of decentralization fulfilled. I'm certain the larger part of the Steem community is with you, especially the more consistent ones that make the daily effort to make this be a real community. Thanks for your hard work and looking forward to updates!



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Not sure who RUNS The Hive landing pages, or ABOUT page...

Resource is spelled with one S

Better name than Steem, that's for sure.

This is truet awesome news and part of my dislike of developing for the steem blockchain was the invisible support of the steemit stake and development - Ned mainly put me off.

This new refreshing change has given me more of a community feeling than ever before and I just hope the collaboration continues and all voices are heard.

What advice could you give for developers based on all your trials and experience developing services for this blockchain that would really benefit the community as a whole?

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@theadmiral0 Would you like to develop a Matrix-8 Platform on Hive?


What would that consist of?


Well, not being a coder/developer (are they the same thing?) i'm not excatly sure. Many years ago, self taught, i created an order processing system using Lotus Approach for my then business, but that's the extent of my knowledge.

i think a DApp built on Hive might be the best way to go.

To get some understanding of what would be needed, i guess you would need to read some of the posts about Matrix-8, then come back to me or @matrix-8 with questions.

I see the Matrix-8 Master Platform (which will be owned by no-one) ultimately being used by virtually the whole population of the planet (or at least those who have access to a smartphone or computer). Before that however some smaller organisations would choose to adopt a subway Matrix-8 platform for their own governance. I am trying to get Hive, Ecoin (over 1.5 million users - target 1 billion by the end of this year), and Initiative Q (well over 5 million users) plus others interested at the moment.

I think these three posts would be the best starting points:

I hope you will invest the time to begin to understand the huge potential of Matrix-8, and help us to get some idea of time and cost involved to create such a system.


  ·  2년 전

Can't wait to move on from this steem/tron debacle. Thanks for your hard work on this project. Can I recommend that people change their profile and background image to something that points people to (and/or the steempeak version). So people who show up for the first time in 3 months can find us.

Looking forward to a new age. Super curious 8)

Nice job on the sight! Looks promising & exciting :^)

Real quick, there's a minor typo on the About page:


Very cool to see; cant wait to see the potential of this chain finally flourish.

The book "Life After Google" spoke of Steem as an example of the coming Web 3.0 platforms, but Hive will truly represent that claim! I believe that the people working on this are truly determined to make Web 3.0 a reality.

That's a really interesting and seems good news: thanks, @therealwolf! !trdo and a huge hug!


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Great news. I am with Hive.

Sounds like a good idea.
Please make the changeover, join, climb onboard simple so the old and not "IT" knowledgeable can come with you.
[make a version for your Grandfather]

Will Justin Sun join? What do you think?

Awesome, congrats, looking forward to the new HIVE launch :) Keep hiving!

I have a strange feeling this was going on for some time because this rollout seems so smooth and so well planned, hmmm I'll be dual chaining for sure!

Instead of upvotes can we give one another Hive5s? lol

hostile takeover by he, who shall not be named.

Damn, I just made a post for Jaynie's Open Letter Initiative few days back with this same Harry Potter analogy where Justin was the Voldemort of my story!

2020 will be the year no one forgets, that's for sure! Crazy times we live in!

when we finally have a in house chat service we will finally be web 3.0 ;D

Lets see how this goes. thanks for the post.


That's definitely in the works — I believe @openseed deals with solutions to internal, encrypted chat.

I am also with hive.

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what this new blockchain development brings to us!

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Hope we can find a good solution for the ownership of these domain names.

Is there already a public repository where we can check out the hive-code?


Gitlab soon public


Before friday, right?


That was mentioned. Yes.

After 2 years away travelling, I returned to Steem, and the internet, 2 weeks ago. What a time I chose to come back! The world is changing, and although I don't pretend to be technically savvy or even fully informed, based almost entirely on the fact that those who I trust, and those who've helped me the most since joining Steemit, are all supporting Hive, that's the direction I'll be taking.

Thanks for all the hard work in these challenging ( but exciting ) times!

what about, steemconnect etc. will there be api.hive and hiveconnect? Where can i get Informations what i have to do for switching to hive?

I’ve been quietly watching all the recent drama with great dismay. I only joined Steemit a short while ago with a view to create my blog here so that I could write about my near bankruptcy and proceeding mental health issues.

And while the Steem earnings have been negligible in comparison to my typical hourly rate, I’ve really grown to love spending time writing here and interacting with the community.

So the hostile take over took me by surprise. And resulted in me pondering whether or not I want to remain here.

This Hive platform looks like an attractive option. So I’ll be sure to check it out and continue my writing there.

Great News and an awesome good job you are all doing! I am looking forward to the new home!

!giphy amazing

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giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

  ·  2년 전

Hi Wolf, it sure is nice to be doing this great leap with people you respect and with whom you shared the last two years!

Great to get updates dear witness. Wish you good luck on Hive, will join HIVE I guess, I am so glad that ninja stake issue is sorted out!!

I like the name Hive, I didn't actually like the name steem as i found it too generic

Hive doesn't work yet...

· isn't setup yet and hive isn't running anyway until tomorrow.

This is so exciting!!

I have more faith in Hive because you are a part of it. Thanks for the hard work and for standing on the side of the community. I wish everyone a Full Hive ahead!

it's up to all of you to do it better this time , all of the steemit ELITE users you must respond and collaborate for a better HIVE the time is now .

Do you know, if the snapshot is going to be based on 17th March or tomorrow ? I posted a question in my post, yet to get any answer. Wanted to know, if buying steem now, is worth it ?

We support each other, we are the bees of the blockchainosphere, we are HIVE. 🐝