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First off, I want to let you know it's an honor and a privilege to be before you all. I have great respect and loyalty for this community.

I would like to thank @blocktrades & many others for stepping up to create Hive. I must admit, I have never seen such a dedicated group of talented, freedom-fighting people doing what they love. It's been an experience and has given me new wind at a much-needed time. I have great admiration for what you are all doing on your journey.

And last but certainly not least, I would like to thank you, this badass community for all the support and having my back even when things looked their bleakest. I would even like to thank you, @Justinsunsteemit, your blind rampage of our home awoken something deep in the hearts of everyone here. You've awakened the Hive.

I regret to inform you all this will be my last post on the Steem blockchain.

STEEM has died today. My fight for STEEM is over. Long Live Hive.

I come to you with my head held high, as all of yours should be. We fought a vigilant battle. Things quickly got out of anyone's hands and if it wasn't clear yesterday, today it's clear there is not even a 1% chance to reason with Justin Sun.

I was/am prepared for glory. I believe we achieved it in a miraculous way, STEEM may be dead but what made STEEM what it is will continue. There is no glory in STEEM anymore, just an empty shell.

I & several others made every attempt humanly possible, we spent too many fruitless hours fighting a corrupt battle that was impossible to win from the start.

The writing was on the wall, it just takes me a while to read it. I feel there is nothing left to be gained from the fight for Steem. Any further efforts to fight for Steem are efforts wasted to support Hive. I'm known for being very hard-headed and stubborn, and even now I know, it's time to go.

We let the world know we won't go quietly into the night, we stuck together, and here we are at through it all, rejuvenated and inspired.

Steem lost US, WE didn't lose Steem. We are walking away, peacefully.

Blockchain is simply an open-source code run by voluntarist. No one is obligated to run code they don’t want. That’s why your actions matter in the blockchain world, it’s run by free people who will turn the other cheek, in a nonviolent way. Let it be known, no community was bought here today. Quite the opposite, our community is as strong as it's ever been.

It felt weird to hit the powerdown button today, it was my first time ever doing so. My full focus will be to support Hive moving forward.

Cheers to the continuance of the decentralized dream.

STEEM is dead, Long Live Hive.

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@theycallmedan Yep! Why continue to beat a dead horse.
It is wise to step away now and to gather your energies for future battles.
Everyone now knows that you are a fighter!
Well done and you are the Man!

나는 당신과 친구가 되고 싶다.


Thanks for your support!

Mad respect to you, and everyone else who fought the good fight!

#Hive #HiveIsAlive #GoForkYourselfJustin


Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.


Hey @creativeblue!

I understand many people are having a tough time choosing, and I completely get why it's such a tough call. For me, after everything I heard Justin Sun say, followed by all of his actions that ran antithetical to his words, it was an easy choice - as soon as my power downs are finished, I'm completely done with the Steem platform (assuming it's still around at that point, and I'm not confident it will be). But please, make sure the decision sits well in your gut, regardless of what other people say. And bright blessings to you, whatever your choice ends up being. 😊


Big Thx for your reply. I think i will stick around on both chains for time being.

I also figured that you may find this post interesting and worth your time:

It's post published by good friend of mine and I'm helping him to promote their curation trail.

Your effort to defend the chain was valiant man, nobody can take that away from you!
If I had to choose a top stakeholder on a new chain, you'd be at the top of my list. From now on, you can continue to put energy into the tech, and nobody will be able to cut your legs out from under you. Stay focused and keep the faith. Steem was just the warm-up!

See you on the other side!


A valiant effort indeed.

Steem was just the warm-up!

Here's hoping!

Started to power down myself when the censorship started, that was really the last straw for the holdouts. Sad to see Steem demolished, but at least what made Steem great will live on.

Is it safe to assume that 3speak will be plugging into Hive now? Awesome. My videos have a new home.


So happy to have that confirmed. We need you guys!


I have no videos there... but holy yeah!!! At least I can continue to vote on videos I like.

Well said my mannnn! You and the community put up a strong fight against a crypto terrorist. Let's move and make HIVE the best damn place ever!

Your fight for steem has inspired many.
Your fight for Hive will inspire millions !!!

Diplomacy had failed since day 1 with Justin Sun, I'm glad we didn't waste too much time with his bs meetings and lies and moved forward and away from him.


That was a great move

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onto the new chain... looking forward to see where the price of Hive and Steem go

Well said. We fought to save Steem but Hive is already way better.

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Glad to know that you’re all in with the new project. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

I hope that 3Speak is coming over too!

I'm there too. I want to point out that for the last 2.5 years I have posted daily on steem. I have been a social media specialist for over a decade and have been in the twitter beta, several google betas and spend time up at facebook so I get it. I want to point out that if whales would have taken 1 of their 10 votes and spent it on minnows that tried, or even divided 1 vote into 10 or 100, steem would have blossomed. If a creator could earn even $1 on a post that would be more than 99% of the platforms on the web. That is all it would have taken to drive traffic, growth and then investment in steem. I hope that happens with hive.


Not to mention justin would have had a much harder time centralizing the chain as everybody would have had more stake backing them when voting for og witnesses.

We will be Bees From now on but with a Hornet's heart @theycallmedan


Nice to know you are coming along @cryptopie pollenating the crypto-garden wouldn't be the same without you...bzzz

''STEEM is dead, Long Live Hive.''



it's more like adrenaline to me...


also! ~3h to go my friend, see you all in the other side :)


Soon releasing my last post.

Real Steem lives on, just in a evolved and transformed form we will call Hive. The battle hasn’t been lost. I think we came out of this victorious!

Great opportunities to create a better decentralized future where ordinary people are truly empowered and lifted up is ahead of us.

Looking forward to seeing your inspirational and motivational videos on Hive!

Thank you!

You're one of the most dedicated people here. I saw the writings on the wall when all pleas to Sun fell on deaf ears and I'm happy you're fully with hive. Long live. Let's fufill a new destiny


Glad to see you joining us @josediccus Buzz you later...bzzz


Thanks a million @streetstyle thanks for all the support and see you at hive

Swarm on!

Glad to see you may finally quit the futile efforts to save Steem :/

We need a better name, Hiveians won't cut it.


I will leave that to the name pros. Def not my arena.

  ·  2년 전



Bees? Wasps? Hornets? :)


Hive of Honey Badgers. LOL :)


Pollenators? Apidaens ? Swarm....Bees.... I give up....


Why is a demonym even needed? People who use Facebook or twitter are usually just called Facebook/Twitter users. If necessary Hiver sounds better to me.


Hiver sounds good!


How about THE SWARM?😁


Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

You brought tears to my eyes with your words! It has been an honor to be part of this battle with all of you and it will be even more of an honor to be part of the Hive community! ❤️

Long Live Hive! You banded together some brave warriors and you have valiantly fought. I don't know if everything's possible without you. You have been the glue that holds every steemian (and now hivians?? or bees??) out there.

Thank you for your efforts! See you on the HIVE side.

Dan , appreciate your post and your tireless work on our block chain :)

Yes, it's been quite a ride. Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into attempting to save the blockchain that we have all called home for several years. I have never hit that power down button until tonight. As you said, it felt really weird. I'm excited about HIVE and look forward to tomorrow. Again, thanks for your efforts and guidance over the last few weeks, it was definitely appreciated. See you on HIVE!

I'm also making my last Steem post today. Long live Hive!

Unity is strength
This proverb appearing in reality with HIVE fully decentralized blockchain which is launching today..
Thank you Mr. Dan for your dedication..

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Steem lost US, WE didn't lose Steem. We are walking away, peacefully.

Well Said. I have been here for over 2 years. Now it feels like we leaving this place is not our lose. Rather we are one step closer to win!

Hive on!

Right on bro! It's hilarious that we get to ditch the dictator and leave em holding a bag of broken steem! hahah beauty :)

Your efforts... and those of many others... have been superhuman. Gratitude & deep appreciation to you all for show7ng that strong leadership IS possible in a decentralised model. I, too, hit the powerdown button for the first time ever today. See you over in the Hive, with renewed energy & purpose.

Much gratitude from Thailand.

  ·  2년 전

HIVE on!!! ❤

Damn. There is no reason to stay here now.

Long Live Hive

See you on Hive! 🤠

Does this mean that Sun will now have the majority required to instantly make the code changes to Steem?


Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.


Big Thx for your reply. I think i will stick around on both chains for time being.

I also figured that you may find this post interesting and worth your time:

It's post published by good friend of mine and I'm helping him to promote their curation trail.

you did a lot of things to keep steem alive, now its time to say bye bye and
hive five.

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That is quite an inspiring post!See you in HIVE @theycallmedan!

I applaud your sincerity and you always direct and show how you care of this community. I feel sad and attach but it is an open software.
I will be joining you and the community on HIVE.

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Yes. It's a new day. New blockchain at hand. Welcome Hive Family

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Thank You for ALL you have done for Steem and all of US.

Today I too hit the Powerdown for the first time and was very sad. I never thought I would see the day I would do that so I understand how you feel.

but I too am proud of how we made History and all stuck together no matter what.

I will be seeing you in our new blockchain Hive!!

Many prayers being sent your way!

Oh. My. I thought you were planning to fight till the bitter end. Good you‘re not. It’s no use. Sad but excited. See you on Hive <3


Today was the bitter end for me. Mass censoring on steemit, every powering down and moving on. Any more effort in this fight would be a net negative. See you on the other side.

I'm known for being very hard-headed and stubborn, and even now I know, it's time to go.

It was an unwinnable fight. Keep your powder dry for battles that you can win, my friend.

This will cheer you up! lol
See you on the other side !

Thank you for everything you have done Dan.

Long live Hive!

Are we starting from the beginning again? Or something like that?

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Thanks for fighting for us... I am Glad you shared so much on Twitter too. See you at the Hive tomorrow at 10:100 am

That is an EV+ decision 😉

We followed you out on the field of battle, your passionate hive army fighting against the disinformation on Twitter. Now join us on Hive officialy tomorrow.

We fought well.

That was a great speach, and it's good to know you're joining in on Hive as well. Frankly, I don't think anyone could have done more than what you did to win steem back. Sometimes learning when to let go and move forward is the best lesson we can get. And like you, tomorrow will be the first time ever that my power down option will be used. See you on the other side!

Right on dude!! I'll be there to.
RIP STEEM, thanks for the memories!

Well, thank you Dan for inspiring so many to put up "the good fight" on Steem... and it was good, because we held off the "invaders" for long enough for something new and amazing to come out of it!

I'm really excited about HIVE... and now we have an ongoing responsibility to show the world what a true decentralized community can accomplish, in the face of great pressure from "conventional" business structures. This is not just about our community; this is a watershed moment for others to see and study... and perhaps get a little closer to realizing that "Big Korporate" (in whatever form it may take) is, in fact, NOT omnipotent!

Off to the Hive we go!

It feels so surreal when everyone is powering down at the same time. Its like those apocolyptic movies where everyone prepares for an asteroid or destroy the earth or something.

Well done for your part in this epic rear guard action Dan.
I think with the launch of Hive we have basically outmanoeuvred Justin both tactically and strategically.
People will look back on this as our 'Dunkirk'.

While he was busy wrecking the house, we were busy building an exit.
Something he will never comprehend because he is a sociopath.
He doesn't understand the concept of a highly committed and agile 'community'.

We will always win because our community is laden with very talented people from all walks of life who share a common goal.

Freedom from controlling fuckwits like Justin.

STEEM is dead, Long Live Hive



I’ve never given up on Steem and I’m still not, really. What Steem was is just moving on to a new phase and I’m following, much like you.

I joined a little over two years ago on my original account and I’ve been posting nearly every day the whole time.

Excited for Hive!

Where will 3Speak posts be going to?

Will they be still going onto Steem? I have yet to see an announcement about that being redirected.


3Speak will run on HIVE, there will no longer be STEEM support. Announcement coming soon.


Maybe they will also create a new name for it and also a new platform as well.

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I've always been puzzled by the name 3speak, Can you elaborate on the meaning of the name?


my take on it is free speak (three speak)


That was my initial thought, but it seems like a stretch in my mind/grammatically 🤷‍♂️ The new logo is cool though!



Stick Together Team!

Great @theycallmedan, whenever the blockchain & decentralized community will be discussed in time to come among the future generations, then history will always remind the precedence of Hive and how did it forked out from Steem to save the decentralized community which was attempted to be bought by someone. The bottom line will always be that "a community can not be bought", no matter how much money you have.

I both conflicted whether to power down and dump the steem or continue posting and gain post rewards and dump the rewards for hive 🤔


Why not do both?

The writing was on the wall, it just takes me a while to read it. I feel there is nothing left to be gained from the fight for Steem. Any further efforts to fight for Steem are efforts wasted to support Hive. I'm known for being very hard-headed and stubborn, and even now I know, it's time to go.

Yep! nobody's fault indeed. But definitely The writing was on the wall long time ago.

I loved the line we didn't loose anything infact STEEM lost us. Hats off to all dedicated team, blocktrades and ithees which made HIVE possible. Moreover it is the win of idealogy and unity of this community towards decentralization. All the best Hive

Sometimes people are hard to figure out, when you have a community made of of different people from all over your country it can be even harder, and when you throw a WORLD community into the mix, there is no figuring it out except that the people of the World came together to save the community they felt a part of, a community with out borders.

For many, they may have come for the tokens, but they are migrating to the Hive for the community. Our world community does not march to the sound of one man picking his nose, we march to the sound of our world heart beating with freedom from oppression of those who would blind our words and thus our world with their censorship.

Thank you very much for your support and for all the initiatives you have carried out here, much better times are coming and Hive will be the beginning of a golden age. (My chess project will also be dedicated to Hive from now on). See you on the other side, buddy.

I'm honoured to have fought besides passionate steemians like you. We buidl from here.

Really stupid question:

Would a power down done on the Steem blockchain today continue as a power down on the Hive chain after the fork?


No they will not.

A power down will have to be manually enacted.

Man thank you! Tireless nights I'm sure and these past few years on Steem....Championing this blockchain.

So glad to hear you are coming to Hive. The future is that much brighter with dedicated community members like you.

So thank YOU for everything you do....Looking forward to the Swarm!!!

It's not that I'm sad because you or we keep on fighting for the steem to reclaim it. It's just that it feels something in my heart leaving steem. But I'm not sad because I am here in steem for the people, not the steem alone. When the people of steem are there. I am willing to relocate with no regrets. I am so proud that I am part of the community where they show too much love for one thing.

See you there, sir @theycallmedan. Let's make @hive even better that we used to do in steem..

by the way dan, if you'll power down it means your power in hive will be affected as well?

Glad your onboard with this. Exciting times.

You are a good and kind hearted man. Thanks so Much for all you do and your passion and dedication to see that things go well.
You are sure on the right track. More Grace @theycallmedan , I personally admire your work style of doing things and hoping to learn more from you in future. see you on the other side - Hive, a land filled with milk and honey.

We are strong together, I'll see you in #Hive

It's hard to say goodbye to the blockchain that I have been in love for the first time that changed my life but, I am with you to support for the hive. We have the reason for doing this and have a nice start today for a new beginning! Thank you @theycallmedan!

See you on hive good by steem from my side as well

It is highly motivating to see your post. Thanks for all your help @theycallmedan. I'm glad that your service is continuing in our new world as well. 😀

This is an important and wonderful step. Now let's start working on our Hive!!!! 🤩

  • Hive!!!!

This is bittersweet for me. Steem saved my life in 2017. But it I know that Hive will have a part of Steem in spirit.

Hmm, it was really an emotional read from you @Theycallmedan. I told my people that the day you power down, then I know I have to find my way outta here. Where wll you be sending your steem to when they become liquid?

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Thanks for all you do, you've been an inspiration for all of us. See you on the free land.

You are a helluva champ man! Long live Dan on Hive.

im excited for the future! but i cant access my hive wallet? can you help or point me to someone who can?

Ok I will be migrating to Hive when it is up & running. But @theycallmedan, please curate the #decentralizesteem tag which was initiated by you and I have written the article and also #posh my link and waiting for you to curate it since 2 days. Please take some time to read it and curate. This is also my last day in Steem and I am looking forward to Hive.

I am going to hive and live there peacefully and freely...

It's time to surrender to the mercy of evolution :)


Thank you for being a great witness. See you on the other side.

It has been an honour fighting at your side. You have been a true brother in arms and I look forward to building on Hive with you.

For me it was a great year here on Steem, I’m sorry I didn’t joined earlier to get in touch with such an amazing community and know such wonderful people!

Goodbye Steem!

We are right behind ya!

Any further efforts to fight for Steem are efforts wasted to support Hive.

So glad to see you say this and announce a full migration to Hive! When you talked about continuing the fight even post fork, it just seemed like even a ”victory” would just lead to a redundant and unnecessary chain. With the focus, resources, and vision you’ve displayed, I’m exuberant that it’s all pointing ahead, and not backwards. See you in the Hive!

WOW, I'm sure this was no easy decision for you in the first place. You were addicted to steem.
Only some days ago you wrote something like "I'll stay and fight, don't follow me, it's something personal and about principals." (at least that's how I read your words).
What changed your mind? The censorship on the steemit-frontend?


Bought some steem on the exchange in support of this. I'm assuming that delegated stake will remain delegated as well?

Thank you @theycallmedan for all you have done and did for the steem community.


  ·  2년 전

We were Steem, we're Hive. No matter what name we bear:

We are the ones who construct the community!

What will happen to Partiko now?


Lol Partiko has been dead for a while. The developer bailed out many months ago.

I suggest you use eSteem (eHive?) for a good mobile app.

This is how Steemit is going to look when the community is gone!

Finally! Was working all day thinking what the hell would be happening to the people on posts...

Feels good to continuously find people witnessing their motivations for what they wanna fight for.

I have less than a few hours to make my own last post... shh...t!

Will there be changes to the hive or are they going to follow all the bot shit and so on?

I understand that if. Because there seem to be a lot of bot owners supporting this project?

So will absolutely nothing change between steemit and hive?

Nos veremos en #Hive

really appreciate all of your efforts for Steem! See you on Hive :)

See you in Hive @theycallmedan

I'm speechless, see you on #hive 💕

Get in there. I admit, I was in two minds about leaving but when I saw the censorship nonsense yesterday I knew I couldn't have anything more to do with steem.

Let's create a buzz!

I‘m with you, but I’m not sad jet - I‘ boiling!

I‘ll stay a little longer and troll the shit out of this until it‘s no fun anymore. It‘s just a few hundreds for my account.. so all of it will probably just be send into the Steem-Engine at some point.

I‘d like to see Bitbots reopening plz, if anyone can @inertia maybe and we need to create plagiarism and p0rn tribes O MASS! This is open troll Grounds now!

Cya on the Hive later, bzzz Manni

We will wake up to greener pastures tomorrow. Hive on 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

I really feel sad at this moment only for the investment which i did in steem which probably will fall like anything today, but i am happy that now we will have a new home and all of us will be building it in the best possible way we can and yes there are lots of hopes with hive which we all will be fulfilling it together.

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@theycallmedan, No matter how this Battle turned out but in my opinion Steem Blockchain turned Historical Subject because of this Community Fight for their Virtual Home 🏡. I want to appreciate your time, energy, efforts and intentions towards this Battle and in my opinion one day this effort will bring fruitful result no matter if today we are not able to see that. Stay blessed.

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Hi guys, please see my idea about taking our content OFF steemit and moving it to Hive, so that can not profit from our content...

It could be said louder but not clearer @theycallmedan. We know how much effort you developed on defending our beloved Steem blockchain. Sometimes it's hard to give up.
I just saw it some time ago, just on the AMA "show" when he (Justin) told his laptop battery went off, lol, a liar from the very beginning; nothing trustful could come afterwards...
I'm pretty sure we, the community, are going to overcome the whole thing getting even stronger and respectful... long life our beloved community, long lige HIVE!
My best wishes and hugs over there 🤗🤗

Let's grow Hive. Right now it's all that matter. It's easy for me to say this. I know your situation is very different but I guess in the end we all should focus our energy in what is promising and may have a bright future. Hive on!

Thank you to you and everyone for your efforts. I am moving to Hive too!

Now be build! We know one another a lot more since this happened, opportunity out of calamity. See you on Hive and thanks to everyone for effort to make this move possible.

@tipu curate

What we have to expect about our funds on steem? do you suggest to withdrawal?

THis Hive is seems to be a load of shit I have been include in an exclusion list when I was supporting it and not the tron shit. Seems like both sides are BS

Dear @theycallmedan

Things quickly got out of anyone's hands and if it wasn't clear yesterday, today it's clear there is not even a 1% chance to reason with Justin Sun.

Wouldn't you think that it has been a great and well planned plot to create conflict with Justin? Blocktrades admited that they were building hive for past few weeks already. So it seem to me, that all this fight has been staged. Not that it matters any more as I think we all felt for it anyway :(

STEEM has died today. My fight for STEEM is over. Long Live Hive.

I wonder if we will witness and large stakeholders will dump their STEEM right after airdrop on new HIVE chain will take place.

The truth is, that if old witnesses will power down right away and dump their steem - then they may damage part of Justin investment and make him lose out little bit. But it's most likely just a small % of his porfolio.
At the same time all of us, those who invested their live savings into steem will suffer the most. Our investment will be crushed, without much of a chance to do anything about it :(

In my opinion blocktrades and other large accounts, who will build their fortune on migrating community to new HIVE chain - they should wait a bit with dumping their steem tokens. To allow others to do it as well. Just my 2cents.

Yours, Piotr

It is truly amazing how the community has come together to fight; or find a new avenue. Those of us who believe(d) in steemit can now continue our venture on Hive.

Steem lost US
...and became Cineze? 🤔

We're going into the future, we're flying today. And as we Venezuelans say, backwards, not even to gain momentum.
As you say @theycallmedan. "STEEM is dead, long live the Hive."
A hug for everyone

I am ready for Hive, can't wait for it 😁

Can't wait to have my first post on Hive!

with all respect, i cant get it, how hive will protect us from will of big capital, from ambitions of persons like justin. Can someone explain me? Possibly im missing something out...

Whatever you said about steem is right.
Are you Coming to hive Dan?

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Very sad to here that steem is dead, but inspired that Hive is back. Thanks Sir for your support for me all these whiles. Still following you!

Hey Dan, this is going to be a bit personal and I hope you will get to read it. I just want to thank you for everything you did for us. In my book, you were the most dedicated, tenacious and inspiring fighter for Steem, the leading Steemian honey badger. Your passion and enthusiasm were highly contagious. I am a pretty stubborn and optimistic person too but I must admit there were times where even I felt down about the happenings on Steem and in these moments, reading your post or watching a video (you know, those "good morning, good morning, good morning videos ") helped me restore my faith and boost my morale. And am I sure you had the same, positive effect on many other people here. You literally were one of the forces that made the Steemian community so united, strong, self confident and devoted. Thank you for that. I know that leaving Steem behind and moving to a new chain might feel like a sort of defeat or resignation somewhere deep inside and I have this hidden feeling too as I created (just like you and many others) a strong emotional bond with this place (btw I also hit the power down button for the first time ever today) and it a kind of hurts now but let me tell you what makes me hopeful and excited now. On the new chain, there will be nothing and nobody holding us back. Hive is where our community will have the unique and ultimate chance to prove ourselves and looking back at what we have accomplished during those years on Steem, looking at the incredible unity, passion, skills, dedication and solidarity that we have proved in the harsh times and in all those emergencies, I have no option but to believe that we can do and we will do great things on Hive. I am so glad and happy that we will have you there man.

Thanks again, Dan, for everything you did for Steem but now... long live Hive!

!giphy awesome

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@theycallmedan Do you guys know what the URL for this, login, etc info that us users that could make the switch will need to know?

I am also joining HIVE today

Many tried to save Steem, but when someone with deep pockets comes in and does nothing but try to tear Steem down for total profit, it was time to move on and continue forward. I will see you on Hive!

This is the right decision. The Steem brand is associated with Ned and Justin. Let them have it. Hive is the Steem community, long live Hive.

I wish to take this moment to thank you for all your hard work and use of your personal finances in this fight.

Your dedication to the community and to the spirit of decentralization brings great credit upon yourself.

Thank you once again.

I wish to take this moment to thank you for all your hard work and use of your personal finances in this fight.

Your dedication to the community and to the spirit of decentralization brings great credit upon yourself.

Thank you once again.

im excited for the future

The future will surely tell us the state of the Steem blockchain.
Let's keep doing the great work of decentralized information on the internet. HIVE opens the door even more.

im excited for the future! but i cant access my hive wallet? can you help or point me to someone who can?

HIVE Could Face a Massive Class Action Lawsuit for Intellectual Property Theft


A group of rogue members of the Steem blockchain community have unilaterally copied the intellectual property of millions of content creators without even the slightest decency to even attempt to seek their consent...