Challenge - stay at home share 3 photos (day8)

2개월 전

Hello friends
this challenge consists of sharing some moments that you have portrayed either on your mobile phone or on your camera.
consists of taking 3 photos and posting with a description of it, we’ll stick together and get over it together

All of these photographs are taken with a mobile phone (iphone11) in automatic photo mode


The first image for me represents as a whole my condition, today conditioned and, like the dandelion, we felt the need to spread through the fields and so I chose this phrase to complete my description (You are as fragile as the virtues that you symbolize.
You represent hope, freedom and optimism.)

The second photo was taken very close to the house at the place of custody (fishermen's beach in Lavra, Portugal)
For me, it represents our choices, we have 2 doors and we have to choose the right path


This image I took a few days ago while walking through the forest, which for me symbolizes the rebirth of our lives from the 0

Today, with these images, I convey a little feeling with that, you begin to get to know me better, and this is important for a relationship between the author and the possible colorist.
I want to convey to you what I feel and also to understand what you feel about all that we are experiencing.
** These photos were all taken by me **
For today and everything, I hope you like DREW0

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