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Hello Wonderful Steem Community,

We are using steemit. It's one of the biggest social media. Also we're using different social medias like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc...Social media has become an indispensable part of everyday life. But when you look at the Sri Lankan community, there are often instances where the majority of people are wondering if they are using it correctly. This is because there is no awareness or interest in how to use this valuable social tool properly.


Every time a social media account holder uses it, it is important to pay attention to the following.

By posting your personal information, your marriage / singleness, whether you live alone or in your home, you risk becoming a victim of an outsider. Avoid making harsh political or religious opinions. This can harm your image. Because people who are unknown to you on social media are more numerous than those you know, there is a risk that someone with a different political and religious opinion may harm you or take revenge. Realize that a party, an organization, or a political party cannot change their minds by attacking them with bitter ideas. That makes them more likely to hate you.


Avoid posting comments on Facebook about your job-related problems and dissatisfaction. If you have a direct criticism of your job, your boss may be angry with you, and if you go to another agency, the agency may be displeased with you and you may not have the opportunity. Be careful not to assassinate someone, even if they criticize their own political views. Always remember that everyone has the same dignity as you. We do not need to change the personal lives of others or force their political opinions.

Avoid posting things that are offensive to another party, even if they are posted in your account intentionally. Social media is a kind of audience and there are many people out there who look for good or bad. Avoid using obscene words. This can damage your image and make the reader uncomfortable. And the likelihood of your friends leaving you too is high.

As a true humanitarian, be determined to socialize only what is good. Try adding as many new ones as you can. That will make someone else aware. Yes, you can. We use social media as a good tool to make amends for our country. We treat society as intelligent, polite people. Thanks for the understanding.

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Educative and wise words that need to be heed to especially for those who expose their personal life.


Thank your understanding.

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Some wise words and good advice here :) Interesting topic. Thanks for your educative work my friend.

@tipu curate


You're welcome and thanks for tipu curation.