Top 3 Contest - Winners Announcement February 2020 - Date Night Ideas

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A Lovely Month!

Another fun round of the Top 3 contest is complete! Everyone brought the love this round with some of their top date night ideas. From a simple dinner in, to travels across the globe, the entrants shared some fantastic ways to spend time with their favourite people. Because ultimately that’s what life is all about--making memories with the people you choose to surround yourself with!

We couldn’t be happier to share our Steem experience with all of the Top 3 fans as we continue to make some fun memories each round. Next month marks the end of our first year of hosting the monthly contest, but we’re only just getting started. We look forward to continuing to bring more people into the family here for some lighthearted fun on the best blockchain around!

But of course, let’s see what our STEEM community has to say about which of you came out on top and if your choices reigned supreme this round......

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Contest Results

Using dpoll, we let you, the STEEM community, vote for your favorites thus giving us this month’s results! We then assign points to those voting positions and add up the three nominations for each contestant to make a final league table.

Here is the final league table:


1st place @rentmoney

Link to post - Entry fee paid $1.13 Prize $10.13

2nd place @crypt0wid0w

Link to post - Entry fee paid $0.45 Prize $2.70

3rd place @fmbs25

Link to post - Entry fee paid $0.59 Prize $1.78

Referral Bonus

This month @fmbs25 referred her friend @manuelramos to the Top 3 contest so thank you! 1 STEEM has been sent to @fmbs25

Congratulations to the winners for the excellent nominations and winning this month’s contest round! Be sure to check your wallets as the prize payouts will be with you shortly!

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We Are On Discord!

You can join our Discord server here, which is where all the FAQ and contest rules will be housed and it makes it easier for our amazing contestants to come ask questions, interact and drop their links to entry posts. This way you can make sure you never miss an announcement and easily be able to check out your monthly competition 😉

Showing Gratitude

Such thanks should also be given to our delegators, we appreciate this immense generosity!!

@jayna @nickyhavey

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Why delegate to @yourtop3?

The more delegations we receive the better our upvote will be. The more support we can give our contestants the bigger the prize pool. .

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Thanks for entering this month’s contest. We hope you had fun. Don’t forget to check for the Contest Start Post for next month’s competition on the 1st!

Your Top 3 Panel

The trophy in the header Image by Victor Jumbo from Pixabay

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Your humble most gracious champion has reclaimed his thrown. No worries there won't be any bragging from me about my awesomeness in the top3 league. There's no way would I gloat or remind everyone of my past consecutive wins .... That's just not my style (evil grin!).

Instead I will just say, good luck to everyone who is competing for 2nd place in the next one!

On a more serious note, wow that was a close one. Just one point seperated first and second place. I look forward to seeing what is in store for next month. Thanks to the top3 team and everyone envolved that makes the top3 contest what it is.


Haha congratulations on reclaiming your throne @rentmoney! We were wondering how long it would be but a closely fought contest with only 1 point in it!

Next month's topic is a different take yet again so looking forward to seeing how that pans out! Only a couple of days to go to find out!

Congratulations, all and especially to @rentmoney for reclaiming your spot!


Thanks for being a good sport Fiona! Close call this month but a new round is just around the corner!

I never understood the dynamics of this community, yet I was willing to participate! No one told me what to do after the publication... .


No worries @manuelramos

You finished 4th, which is impressive for your first go. It also means that you gain maximum points in our quarterly league, where you can win more prizes!

For more information on topics, leagues and other cool stuff, you could join our discord. We also send instructions during the month's contest via our mascot Q, on your contest post. You should have received messages when you entered about the next steps to take. Of course, you can always ask us any questions at any time, 24/7.

Don't forget to follow @yourtop3 as well. The new topic will be launched on the 1st of March.

Thanks for entering and hope to see you again.



Hey Manuel! Great going on 4th place!

All information is on our introduction post about the dynamics of the contest but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out - we also have a Discord which you are warmly invited to and meet fellow Top 3ers!

Hope to see you in March's contest! We'll be making the announcement tomorrow so be sure to follow @yourtop3 and we'll see you there!

congrats YourTop3 winners.gif


There she is! Queen of the Gifs and the Good Juju! Thanks for being a part of it as always Traci! Looking forward to next month... which is only a couple of days away! Woo hoo!!

I completely missed this one. Congrats to the winners!


Aha no worries mate, be sure to hop on the next Top 3 train, it departs on 1st which is quickly approaching!

Congratulations to the 3 winners. Your ideas were beautiful and deserving of a win.

And to all other participants, I read your Valentine ideas, and they were excellent also.


Thanks a lot for joining in the fun this month! Some great ideas from everyone and we're just a day or two away from the next topic so hopefully we'll see you in the fray again :)

Congrats @rentmoney @crypt0wid0w and @fmbs25 - Stars each and everyone for date night planning, keep it up.

Welcome @manuelramos look forward to seeing your entry on the next month topic.


Thanks a lot for the awesomeness Joan! Plenty of great suggestions from everyone this month and looking forward to seeing how it all goes when we kick off the new round tomorrow!


Always a little fun, always learning about people through responses which is interesting....


@joanstewart Thank you for your welcome! Greetings!


Hey @joanstewart, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Congrats to the winners! Another fun month complete. Can't wait to get the next round going in just a few days...


Me neither, and the good news about February is that it's a short month so not too far to go until the next one! Bad news... we better think of a topic! ;)

Congrats to all the winners. @rentmoney, back on top! Well done.


Can't wait to test out our new streamlined spreadsheets! Spreadsheet date night.... DAMN we missed a trick there mate hahaha!

Congratulations everyone! Well done this month, everybody did a great job with their entries ^_^


Yeaaaaa! Another fun month and awesome ideas from everyone, can't wait to see what happens next month!

wiiii, I'm back on the podium, what a thrill, waiting to see what the new month is all about!


Well done @fmbs25! You have made a comfortable home on the top 3 podium as well! Looking forward to next month and seeing what's going to unfold!

And the champ does it again...

Congrats, @rentmoney. I'm starting to wonder why the jury won't take my or @fionasfavourites' bribes, while it's obvious they take yours... J/k, well done, again!

Congrats to the runners up, too. @crypt0wid0w and @fmbs25,


Hahaha! yes, @simplymike, exactly!


thank you beautiful


Nunca entendí la dinámica de esta comunidad! Pero bueno! Felicitaciones!


Nunca te leiste los post entonces!! Gracias bb!


Haha! He sure does and I doubt he'll be overly loud about it! Keep wondering 😉


This is true, I'm a humble champion ....



I hope you have made @chekohler aware? I'd hate for him to miss this...


I'm sure chekohler is ecstatic about my victory.


No doubt in my mind at all ;)




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Haha, we do like the new and inventive ways you folks are trying to harvest information in the Discord though :P

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