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Just installed the Hivemind on an EX41-SSD and started the initial sync process.

Using as a backend node and it states 1 day, 15 hours as ETA. Pretty excited to play with the internal psql database when the sync operation catches up with the current block production.

Does anyone run a Hivemind node? Would love to hear your setup and experience.

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Hi, I was thinking about using Hivemind as well, but I think version 1.0 does not allow to get trendings by several tags instead of one.

  1. Is that correct? Only one tag searches work?
  2. How powerful is the server you are using?

Cheers! Happy new year!


Regarding #1, I don't know. I want to have hands-on experience, that's why I am installing it. :)

My server specs are available in the root post.