Comparing the protests in US with HK.

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A couple of things stood out in this video.

First, the original treaty giving the UK a 99 year lease was not with the Communist Party of China.

Second, those interviewed explain how they modelled the early protests on MLK Jr. principle of peaceful civil disobedience. They go on to say it worked in the US because the US has a history of respecting the rights of its citizens.

One person put it this way (paraphrased), "you pricked the conscience of the government. We are finding the CCP has no conscience."

I'm sure some will be tempted to compare protests in the US today with protests in Hong Kong. You have to be a special kind of stupid to make that comparison.

Hong Kongers are fighting for their liberty. They want freedom FROM government control. They are asking to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit. They have confidence in their ability to do that without assistance.

Protests in the US are nominally against government, this government led by Trump. But the protesters don't call for freedom. They call for dependence. They want the 'right' government, a government that will 'fight' for them. Why? Because they don't have confidence in their ability to fend for themselves. They see boogeymen around every corner that prevent them from attaining even a little happiness. They see a "power structure" that robs them of what they claim is theirs by right.

No. There is a world of difference between the US protesters and the Hong Kongers.

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i don't know if the protesters in USA are actually even protesting anything in particular anymore... they just want to wreck shit at this point.