Unusual finds

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As a Rockhound, I found a lot of weird and unusual things in the past few years.

my favorite Agate.

Rocks, coins, bones, skulls, tooth, pottery, old toys, feathers, and lots more.

I wanted to share some of my finds with you all, to show you all what a great hobby this is,
and how amazing the stuff is you can find if you put time and energy into it.

The first item I wanted to show you is a Haematite-laced Rhyolitic Breccia, Harlequin. about 5 cm by 3 cm. polished.
Not so rare but in this configuration very amazing and beautiful nonetheless.

some say it is luck, others say it is the intention and asking the galaxy for a good day of finds.

I found a total of 3 pieces of human jaw, one on a river bed and the other two in sand quarries in the river Rhine area, Germany. I have no way of knowing how old they are. but I love them. worthy of being in my rarity cabinet.

for me, it has all to do with being open-minded, in the now, no thoughts, no worries, listening to my sub-conscience.

Another unusual piece of rock.
quartzite Ametist. hydrothermally shaped. from the border region Austria / Hungary. taken by the ice age and dropped in the maas area, in the Netherlands, millennia ago.
there, on a sunny day in the Arcen quarry is where I found it.

A small beauty I hold dear.

I love strange finds, and I had a lot of them over the years.
here is one find I wanted to share.
I wanted to make a place to sit in my garden, years ago when I was living in Nijmegen, a 2000-year-old town in the Netherlands, so I got my shovel and dug a hole, found something metallic and after washing...!

A silver coin, from 1256-1296 called a "Gros tournois sous Louis IX dit Saint Louis" a 12 lily piece from France. for King Louis, or actually for his son Phillip...!! and I found this amazing coin in my backyard, hahahaha.
I love it, worth now about 250,- euros and in the time it was used about 200 loves of bread. so no inflation...!


not for sale...!!

I love to go outside and search for Agate, I have my house filled up with it...
Agate in all kind of form and shape....!!






We are our history, we need to take care of what is left of the beauty from our past.

The most amazing things are fossils, I love them.
A Crystalized seashell, found in Germany, amazing after I did some polishing on it.


A piece I will hold on for, and give away to my children when I'm old.

Man makes his destiny, by being creative, and for my love of our ancient and recent history I will always hold on to what I find myself, it blows my mind when I find pieces of pottery and take them home with me. roman stuff or more recent... everything is pleasure...!

I found two pieces of the famous Bartmann jug on the riverbanks of the Rhine. A treat

I love them both, nice facial expressions

Here you can find more information on the Bartmann jug...: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bartmann_jug

Here ends my post, I hope you like it...! For more of my collection.

There will be more posts like this in the future... @elohibaluk

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This rockhound is totally in awe of your collection!!!
Wow, blows me away what all you have found!
I'm totally enjoying your photos, that agate is mind
blowing and the quartzite ametist looks like a sky
with clouds, very dreamy!
Yeow on the coin!!! what amazing finds!

The little fossil shells are so cool! I was lucky to
find some of those in southern Germany years ago.
Lots of goodies to be found, so exciting when you
find these magnificent treasures!
Thank you @elohibaluk for posting this and I
look forward to more 💎
Resteeming for other rockhound friends :-)

These are all wonderful finds! I really like the Haematite-laced Rhyolitic Breccia, the silver coin, and the crystallized seashell! I have been posting some of my mineral collection lately, and I will certainly peek in on your blog again, too! Fabulous pics! 😊


thanks for your comment. I did another post today on an amazing gem I have in my collection.

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I love this hobby. Intrigued.

Very cool!! I want some of your rocks! I use stone in my jewelry making!


hi @luanne... thanks for your comment, how do you propose we get my rocks to your place...? I love to sell some of the rocks i collected over the years, and I have a ton of very nice raw and polished stones in my collection.


There's actually a bunch of groups on FB where you can sell em. I'm not sure where you're located but one group is called All About The Rock No Rules. I actually buy there. I know it sux cause it's FBbut that's one option.


I'm gonna check it out... see if I can find you there...!


Ok! 😊