Never give up on what you really believe in, you will find a way.


A long time ago I realized that there is no need to duel with pigs. The body will get dirty and the pig will like this. - Cyrus Ching If you think you can, or think you can't, in both cases your belief is correct. - Henry Fodd.
There are many moments in our lives when we feel like we are at the very bottom of our mental capacity. It is not clear where life will go next; The future is dark. This condition of leaning back against the wall comes at some point in everyone's life and at that time the power of his spine is recognized. As far as the eye can see, impeccable darkness can be seen, and whoever can come up from there, has life. They control life, life does not control them. And at such times we become acquainted with some of the sayings that refine our values ​​and sense of life. Some such statements are given here.

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