Baja Day Rippin the R/C Trucks

2년 전

Yesterday I posted a couple pictures of my old Traxxas R/C Trophy Truck. Here is a video of my friend Dave and I driving our remote controlled trucks at an open dirt pit. We called it "Baja Day", and its a video of us ripping around.


My buddy edited our videos together to some cool music. Check it out!

Short Train, Long Track from


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Haha nice man awesome video! That thing is quick and how fun to be drifting it about :) got some power! It’s super durable too! More so than the nitro ones, after a few big crashes mine was done...


It will take a good beating and keep going. I wish I could figure out why my battery won't charge, I want to take it out.


Right. Oh no, you only made 8% on your shitty post. This has to be the most hillarious thing ive read on here. You are the epitome of what is wrong with society today...


Thats cute that you edited your comment. Here, I will put it back up for you so you can always remember what a great influence you are to this platform. 😘

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