Traxxas R/C Trophy Truck

2년 전

I was going through some moving boxes this morning and I found my old remote controlled truck. I figured I would blow the dust off of it, take it out to the baseball diamond and rip around in a little track. This thing is pretty awesome, I bought it on deployment a couple years back. It helped kill time and gave my friends and I something to do. We beat the crap out of this thing and it has kept on goin.



It has a realistic and working gas shock suspension system. I have upgraded some of the weaker plastic parts and replaced them with aluminum pieces. But other than that, this thing is pretty much stock.


Although today when I was trying to charge up the battery I kept getting a "connection break" error, and I'm not quite sure what this means. It could be because I have let the Lipo battery sit for so long without charging it. I will have to do some research, or maybe take it into a local hobby shop.


Hopefully I can get it running and have a little fun on this Sunday afternoon. I'm sure the kids would enjoy racing it around. Gave a great Sunday!!

Short Train, Long Track from


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Nice man this looks awesome! I love rc cars, I used to have a nitro powered Subaru Impreza. Was so much fun, and they’re quick!
Enjoy :)


Nitro cars are pretty awesome. They sound like a really angry bee when they are ripping around. I’m sure that thing hauled!

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Hahaha yes they sure do!

Hermoso juguete de colección.