We Are The Hodgetwins

11개월 전

TRX TRON 10,305.11900000

XRP Ripple 3,500.06200000

XVG Verge 1,208.00000000

ADA Cardano 713.46800000

BNB Binance Coin 135.79278422

STEEM Steem 54.77000000

POWR PowerLedger 41.00000000

OMG OmiseGO 19.2500000019.250000000.000000000.02793175

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Enjoy the gainz! 🙌


Drop a video on your YouTube channel about Steem, being the whole family 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


you all beat me to it, but it has to be said... alll kindzzzzzzzzzz of gainzzz


Haha, been following these guys since 2011 🤣


and u just got like 456 SBD plus 117 SP that is like almost $3000 dollars... BOOm this is why I LOVE steemit!

did you even know that you really made $3000 and not just $1000 off this post? ? You should use all of that SBD youre getting to buy steempower man, you need it, you could get like almost 500 steempower just with that PLUS youre getting 117 Steempower now so you can add that in to your potfolio :D

Now just to warn you, im not trying to be a dick but I have some SERIOUS advice for you about how you need to dump that tron and verge hype coins and get coins with real futures that meet real technical challenges, coins that all the smartest nerds LOVE like steem and EOS and Zclassic 9Bitcoin Private)

Also 57 steem? Now you should have 117 steempower too! but you have that much tron? thats just weird man just wrong and sad, get rid of that TRX shit coin! You will thank me later when you trade it for EOS and your EOS goes up 100X and tron is down 10X

Why dont you sell ALL your tron which has No future but a pump and dump and trade it ALL for steempower which has a REAL future?

Also Verge? really? sell that shit too its a shitcoin

and ada and rippel come on man thats fine but dont have more rippel and ada than fuckin steem

u need WAY more steempower man, get rid of that tron and verge they are shit coins with no purpose or platform at all , no future

Also if you are serious about steem you would buy some more steempower with the SBD you just earned/got for free so it wont cost you anything, just use the SBD you earned and I PROMISE the post you make ABOUT how you decided to invest that earnings you made off steem , that post will get to $1000 again too! .. and you really gotta make more videos asking your other social media followers to get on steem, like seriously, you need to be serious marketeers for steemit so you can keep this winning streak up! DOnt you wanna make $3000 everyday on steemit???? I know you can do it man! And you can help upvote our posts by @kofpato and @steem4depoor and @tj4real @mcsamm and the Team Ghana guys in Africa helping people in developing nations on Stem is gonna make steem look AMAZING man!

, I just dont want to see such a great addition to steem go to waste and I want you guys to know how much money youll make if you work HARD for steem! seems you have a lot of social media followers so PLEASE go all out recruiting ALL your followers to steemit, because i PROMISE you will make over $1000 on your NEXT post too if you make a video showing how you asked ALL your subscribers on other social media to ALL come onto steem because they can actually make money WITH you, something no one ever offers their viewers. Youll be EXTREMELY unique in offering your youtube subscribers a chance to make money!

Ok LOVE having you guys here with your millions of youtube subscribers, this is going to cause a HUGE stampede of youtubers to come to steemit!


@ackza Is my STEEMIT Brother and I second everything he just said for you @hodgetwins should consider doing !!! Don't Wait you can be HUGE !!!


very nice and beatiful


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Thank you


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Good post, request you to follow me and upvote please. I am also following and upvoting you.
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Good post, request you to follow me and upvote please. I am also following and upvoting you.
Thank you


Welcome to the VIP of Social Media! Power that STEEM up and stay awhile! Glad to see you guys here!


Good post, request you to follow me and upvote please. I am also following and upvoting you.
Thank you


Yousufpatan. Here is a bro advice I learned for new Steemit users. You may want to stop asking for follows and upvotes. It is a not well know etiquette on Steemit. Here is a good link: https://steemit.com/steemit/@cerebralace/how-to-write-a-high-quality-comment


alll kindsssss


Good post, request you to follow me and upvote please. I am also following and upvoting you.
Thank you


I am going to UP Load a New Lady of The Bunker Post tonight and She does give the @hodgetwins a welcome to STEEMIT Shout Out in the Video............Thanks Guys for coming over to STEEMIT !


Yoooo! Almost the same with my porfolio..


Going balls deep in this crypto just leaving the nuts hangin out...


Oh damn, looks like ya'll are in Manassas now? I was born and raised there. I'd recognize that Doc Kriger and that Dunkin/Baskin sign anywhere. Had months of physical therapy in that building. Glad to see you guys on DTube!


Just advice but you do whatever the FFFF----CCKKK you wanna dooo


Bahaha you fellas will be killin it here in no time! That ex vid from yesterday had me in tears keep up the excellent videos and gains! :D

Boom you guys nearly have 500 followers in what like a day?!
Everyone should follow these two.


You will love it here... I bet you guys make more in a week than you ever have on this platform... Looks like you are already on a good start.


They will convert so many other big name YouTubers to this platform! Will be hilarious to see YouTube lose many of it's big time names and left are only the trolls and haters! The downward spiral has begun it will be impossible to stop this negative trend for YouTube! I bet already this summer that half the YouTube force has switched platform! Then who will stay on YouTube and make videos? I think this could go down real fast.


Definitely should have put more into steem, the platform is going to grow and the more you put into it the more you can likely get out. I would have went all in if I were you , but good to see you guys over here anyway and wish you mush success !




@hodgetwins i am her almost 50 days .but before two days there was one name hodgetwins hodgetwins every one was shouting about you guys.but i dont know who you are and many people know you guys .thats some thing cool man.after all these things you are rocking here and i think within a month you guys be be aong the top steemiens off course without any doubt .have a nice day <3 <3


When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol




As long as you make them :D


We talking about cryptos or muscles here when we talk about gains


Yeah yeah
All kinds of gain
I love crypto


hey bro can u plz tell me About Aion coin In Binance ant i m holding bts and mda ..


I. Trying here as well👌🏼


Wow... It really Allkinds of gains..... Heheheh


@hodgetwins, i am so so happy right now, i started following you on your youtube channel and see all of your uploads including the one uploaded a day ago, "i like women with long tongue". just has to follow you here right away.


all kinds of losses....wtf you talkin bout gains...you guys got all kinds of money....i got more tron than your busta ass buyin trx ATH....jk but yeah basic portfolio...get you all kindz a neo man...


Hey Hodgetwins great content, I have a question. I don't understand, why aren't my videos making me any money on this platform, I do app reviews and I've already uploaded 51 videos and have 104 subscribes and I haven't made any real money with them yet. These are the same videos i have on youtube an with. this is so confusing and frustrating at the same time. I should have already made my first $ 500. What am I doing wrong?, I don't get it.


.......did you even need to ask that, simply because your not the Hodge twins lol


That is a ridiculous answer and very disrespectful thanks for being a douch-bag your response is dully noted.


I like all your coins you are holding other then tron, verge and xrp.. they are good for day trading but not for long term hodl , just saying... only my point of view... and welcome to steemit.


Even though I'm 3 days late to view this post, I had to upvote.
I love humor when money is involved.
"All Kinds Of Gains", Thats's wassup.


core you guys are great so much entertainment but my 2 cents is that you shouldnt buy steem just earn it, im sure you two could stack loads quick time :D

Also im a TRON and XRP holder, and i say ride the Ripples that be XRP and TRON what could be better then a digital currency named TRON, woooo yeh strap up for this journey to the moon !


ALL Kinds....


It is my opinion that Digibyte is one of the best crypto currencies and will make a lot of people wealthy as the adoption rate of Bitcoin grows. I'm not going to bore you with a technical analysis of the project, but rather provide my theory as to what the catalyst will be that makes the price of this coin rise in value.

The Digibyte team are geniuses from a technical standpoint. I'm sure if you are reading this you are already aware of the superior asset Digibyte is to other cryptos. The problem lies in marketing. With the adoption rate of the most popular crypto Bitcoin under 2% it is no surprise that very few people know of Digibyte and their nerdy crew. But no worries because Bitcoin is going to save the day.

As the masses become more familiar with Bitcoin and merchants attempt to implement it as a payment choice the faults of Bitcoin will become known on the big stage. I can see the morning news now talking of 10 minute wait times at Starbucks for a Bitcoin confirmation to clear. There will be a desperate search for a faster more secure payment method in the crypto space. And there with their big dicks swinging in the air will be Digibyte to the rescue. It is simply the natural progression of any new technology. Bitcoin is like Motorola and Nokia, but Digibyte will be Apple and Samsung.


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You guys are a hoot! Looking forward to more! Upvoted and followed. All kinds of gains!!!

Welcome to Steemit and Dtube. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Omg you guys are fucking here??!!! Yoooooooo welcome! To fucking steemit !!!

and u just got like 456 SBD plus 117 SP that is like almost $3000 dollars


THAT what i LOVE about steemit!


That is amazing. Steemit really is a place for creators to grow and make them steem dollars.

Nice to see some big YT content creators over here, welcome!

Still, if you want our full support you should have more than 54 Steem in that acc. ;-) I tell you that coin will grow big time in the future, and YTubers like yourself will help it grow.


New member... Please support


Steemit should just give them a whole bunch :D


@hodgetwins, considering you will cash out tomorrow, I really recommend you to power up your steem rewards, minimum a 50% of your gainzzz, this will take your voting power high up.

Let me know in case you want to know more. Cheers and for more gainzzzz!!!

Makin gains with all those #PUMPcoins!

Anyways, glad to see you guys are over here. Lookin forward to watching more videos of you on DTube.

Investing in Crypto = Investing in Future Technology

Know WHAT your buying and WHY it will change the world. That is the only crypto you should ever invest in.

I LOVE Crypto :D :D :D

Welcome to steemit, hope you will enjoy it as much as i do.


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Man you guys are freaking hilarious... Been following you since your early days in youtube with all the "FUCK OUT THE WAY" bumps.

Nice to see you guys here. Glad you're giving it a chance. I really believe you will like this 10x better than Youtube. Welcome to the platform guys.

World of the wise. DONT publicly show your portfolio.... but hey, it's up to you!


What are some reasons for not revealing one's holdings? @sadplanet

Who does the commenting on steemit? Is it Keith or Kevin? I don't know why I picture both of you sitting in front of a little ass screen shouldering each other trying to see what the FUCK steemit is about..incase you don't know, your first post says $616...that is 308 SBD which at this second is $5.17 each....you guys can easily make $35,000 a week each on this site lol just wait until you start converting them shits into bitcoin then watch bitcoin hit 6-7 figures in the next few years...shit you guys are literally going to be drowning in cash


You can show anything you like so far no one can creep into your wallet and sack those coins! I'm following you guys. Keep it up! @hodgetwins


and who would dare to mess about with these guys lol

Nice damn introduction post. ALL KINDS OF GAINS!!!

All green!!!

Please don't bust me in either the mouth or the asshole. Thanks!

great job mates

welcome to steemit

Yes the hodgetwins are here. I have seen a ton of your guys videos on youtube and you guys are hella funny ✌💪 keep the gainzz going

Welcome to Steemit.


Yoooo dope! Hopefully y'all find success here. I definitely love the community and am hoping to get my channel off the ground soon. So glad the good YouTubers are joining us

yall are fuckin hilarious. some great new faces for steem

All kinds of gainzzzz, I mean alll kindzzzz of Crypto Gainz! 🤣💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Hi guys, your video stops after 5 sec.


why is that am not sure fuccckkkkkk!

It's been getting better. It's still a baby...

It happens sometimes on D.tube
Not your fault


Finally saw the video.
You guys are funny, nice portfolio of crypto. You should make a trio with @trevonjb.


dtube sux if u aint on chrome


it doesn't for me.. reload the page! ;)

Great article my friend thanks for the heads up

Hi Guys great to see you here :D


You are fucking crazy, hahaha love your videos, wellcome to Steemit and Dtube guys, here you are gonna to have an orgasm with the profits! :DD

Exchellent work and very creativity!!


Hey wussup Dark Waters! I know you from youtube!

And i am Tyrone Magnus.

(Joking xD)

Welcome beautyfull idiots, you are making me laugh so much.

Y'all should get some Bitcoin Cash

This is crazy - I've been watching you guys like 3-5 years back and lost in touch with your videos and now fastforward 2018 i see you guys on steemit..

this is awesome and welcome to the community!

@hodgetwins welcome to Steemit! Maybe you can draw some YouTube people, to this smarter censorship-free platform.

Loved the video we going to be making all kinds of gains!

Take a look at ChainLink (LINK) Coin. Its going to help block-chain connect to the real-world stuff. I think you fellas might like it.

Man, I used to be so good at day trading... but recently I have been so damn wrong about everything

I really don't want to sound like I'm hating but how the heck does this post get over $900?! I'm very new to Steemit and I'm just trying to understand how such posts like these garner this kind of payout. Somebody please school me. I like the Hodge Twins by the way.

hey @hodgetwins and welcome to Steemit :)

it's an amazing place with a great community, i'm sure you going to enjoy it!
I really like your Video and sense of humour :D
Excited for more!


All this time I’ve been on YouTube, but i discovered them on HERE ... sheet

millions of subscribers inbound, buckle up.

Haha thats cool, i didnt know these guys were here too!

You're now officially crypto experts. I know where I'm going to get my crypto tips now.

Welcome twins! You are a worldwide inspiration.

why kind of number is that OMG thing?!

Loved The Video.😄

That Nice Drive down the road. Things have been changing everywhere more and more gradually since are progression has led us down the line of awareness. Technology has brought the people together. Community's can now be formed without being near one another. Out with the old in with the new, Welcome To Steemit! Followed.💜
Keep Up the Excellent Content!

🐲Steem-on!🐳 🎲@hodgetwins♞

Killing with the pump and dump. Cheers guys!

Never heard of you guys but these 2 videos are fucking HILARIOUS! Looking forward to more

The Hodge Twins + Crypto? HELL YEAAAH. We're going BALLS DEEP

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All Kinds of NUTS gonna get BUS on DTube now

ey, don't be afraid for follow a small timer like myself. I won't be mad if ya did!!!!

hodge twins do you know about ETN ?

It is a wonderfull post of the steemit users........!. dtube as help to the person with uploading videos.......... I know it a sweet post............

crypto portfolio gains (:

I'm glad to see Youtubers I follow making their way over here. DTube is making all kinds of gains, all kinds.

That's all good to know information.

Get some different crypto's lads. EOS, NEO, LICK, ICON. ALL KINDS OF COINS!

A video on your channel on YouTube has been released from "Steem", being the whole family.

You twins got any money in non-shit crypto?
Cause those coins are mostly shit.

u gotta admit, this portofolio looks like ''crypto starter pack'' :D

Man, all kinds of gains. lol. I've watched yall on YouTube and love the channel, get them Steemit gains tho.

teşekkürler iyi şanslar

I was watching an eating video on taco bell fiery tacos and Kevin showed his Binance app and Keith told him to not speak on it. Best regards and I suggest looking into Neo.

I have been interested in Tron and Verge. I have some holdings in Ripple but have not heard of Powerledger or OmiseGo. I didnt think the twins were really getting into Cryptocurrency. Man, keep up the good post. I suggest using the tags "crytocurrency" so that the other big cryptofollower are likely to follow you after they see a Plus 57 reputation and over $900 of upvotes and be like "WTH" is going on with these bros!

Hahahaha I just want to know how to add my pic to this dtube!!! I subscribed glad to see you , hope you chekc out my upload. Im a photographer for Maxim France <3

Nice video, feel free to check out a new series of posts I will be doing. You don't have to mine them, but can identify coins you may want to get in early with. Follow me if it interests you @byzantinehash


Great post! I Upvoted and followed. Do the same and we can support one another.

you guys are pretty funny, thanks, lol porn stars....

DAMN !!!
I think I've found a couple of new role models.

Good stuff, guys. Watched you on Crowder many times. Just wandered into the trending and saw you were here. Very funny sh*t. Now, if we can only get Dtube on all the streaming devices...

Have you tried to get Stephen Crowder and his pals to come over here?

i don't know about anyone else, but i'm loving this odds.


Hi Keith and Kevin :) Good to see you here

Welcome to steemit ! Was about time !!!

Interesting article!

Checkout @cryptobroye for more bitcoin info and analysis. Im sure there's a lot we can learn from each other!

Trendsetters 👑👑🤞🏾🚀📈♻️

@hodgetwins Hi there :) Is nice to meet you guys. I'd like to take the time to say Welcome! This platform will feel like home in no time. Best wishes and much success here on Steemit. - @splendorhub


Welcome @splendorhub from @cryptoryno33 California here too! Nice.

I've upvote your post,
I also ask you to upvote and follow my account.
I really hope to become a successful stemians like you

I have been traveling over the last couple days but have been watching your vids in the airport and crackin up!

Wow the @hodgetwins now on Steemit and Dtube...Welcome sirs! I'm @joshvel your follower from the Philippines. Keep on posting and power up I know you will soon become Whale here. God bless!

your awesome guys keep making those gains :)

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Someone isn’t giving you the best advice, much better coins than half of your portfolio. WTC, Lisk, Ethereum, XLM, and ICX.

Great diversification.

Hello sir, vote my account @batman31 please

I wanna have twins like this so bad

nice stake of coins

Merhaba arkadaşlar acapella severleri kanalıma bekliyorum ... THANKSSSS :)

Been watching you forever on YouTube. Glad you came over here. Steemit was missing some twins! DTube just became a better place. Blessings.

I think its ok to show your portfolio if its part of your show

This is so cool!!!

Inspiration of the world

You better sell all that Ripple, that shit is going down with all the banks.
Ripple is the bankers deathrattle right before real cryptos take over the financial system.

Your wallet is great!! keep working

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Welcome to the party, seems YT is on the outs these days!

Release the Kraken! You got a 1.20% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @rulesforrebels!

its funny I was actually just watching yall on Facebook. Glad to see yall here.

Would encourage you guys to look into BAT coin, kind of a new way of rewarding content creators.

A personal favorite of mine is NavCoin, download the Navpay wallet, probably the best mobile wallet out, it's also a staking coin which means you earn 5% if you stake your wallet.

NEO should be big in 2018 as well.

I'm actually in the process of consolidating my portfolio to basically..

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Litecoin
  4. NEO
  5. ICON
  6. LISK
  7. ARK
  8. NAV

And then just spreading some money around BAT, Funfair and a bunch of other stuff but small money

openmic and staytune to listen and don’t forget carry on 💪🏼 @horgetwins

Don't you guys earn enough already from YouTube? :P
Share some steem here :P

YouTube is going down in history

all kinds of dtube gains :)

I really don't get the figures at the top of the video, are you giving those out?

welcome! looks like youtube will go the way of the dodo

She gon man... she gon

I have seen you on youtube; warm welcome to steemit. Wishing u guys lots of success on this platform :)

is this the coins to buy this month ?

I got my lambo from investing in Ripple! :) Took me like 2 weeks. #Hodl

making all kinds of d.tube gains , congrats I hope you guys have an excellent transition 👍

all kiiiindssss. awesome to see you guys in the trending section

Damn! I love them twins but these ones with digital brains of crypto, can y'll marry girlfiend or my sister? Not funny neither is it a joke. I love you guys very well, wish you guys luck and i expect to see more analysis from them twins.

Recommend me @nasir83, I am free writer. I'm new to steemit and still need to learn from experienced people, if you please follow me and help vote some of my posts, thank you. https://steemit.com/indonesia/@nasir83/level-44-is-full-of-meaning

no btc love?

Yeah, you'll be making all kinds of gainz on this platform! I've been thinking about investing into Tron all day now!

Fair play guys. I hold all of these coins. Though I did sell off a 1/3rd of TRON when it hit $0.17. If you have some extra cash about I'd recommend getting hold of some ARK while the price is good. DPOS nets you a nice 10% PA even offline. Best wallet on the market, and they are finally looking to gain more exposure. And get hold of some NEO for earning GAS on Binance. You'll need to stick ARK in wallet though.

Cardano looking to launch DPOS style staking with Daedalus wallet around Q2 2018 as well, though still no word on whether it needs to be online constantly to stake.

Check out Kucoin if you like exchange reward tokens as well, another passive earner.

Nothing like passive gains.

Hey hodge twins you can play a game to earn crypto https://aethia.co/welcome/5rfGEimUSyQSNhIc8hxLjRbg5WIhSaCz

it is free to use and sign up, the way it works is you get referrals from people then you get eggs that hatch that you take care of and earn Ethereum, and it's all based on referral so let us help each other out, if you get 500 referrals you get a chance to get 100 Ethereum. Leave a comment if u actually go check it out thanks, if you have any questions feel free to email me bfava2012@gmail.com ! Once I get 500 people to help me I will be showing you what I get as far as my egg and Ethereum. I will be doing a bitcoin giveaway!selfiie at park 2-12-18.jpg

inanılır gibi değil @cleverbot @banjo


I would have to disappoint you then, because I am not a computer.


I don't really know. How do you work? And why are you reffering to yourself in third person?

Hey I used to follow you guys on YouTube when I was lifting. Welcome aboard.

Yeeeeeees. Another big fish comin over this way! Ready for some uncut hodgetwins!

youtube will go down

Can only be a good thing to see Youtube stars making the switch to this platform.

thats good.

Hi @hodgetwins , it's nice to meet you and i bet 100 btc you're gonna bring some joy and fun on our platform:)!
Good luck!!

Hilarious. Thanks!

Im very happy to see you using the d tube, you gonna enjoy ur time there for sure,wish u best of luck im sure u gonna have a bright futur

The Omega egg just kicked off today at 7:00 AM Eastern standard time and will be ongoing every 2 hours after and only releasing ten at a time. The cost of the Omega egg is right around 80 dollars in ethereum but just like cryptokitties the early rare-er ones will be the ones to go after! Everyone will receive one "referral" egg that even if you don't refer you will at least get one for joining during the pre-launch.

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Nice spread! Smart move, diversifying your portfolio! Good luck this year man!🤘

Yall bought Ripple ? LOL

Hope you guys didn't really buy those crypto's. Those are the worst ones! XD

Can't believe the HodgeTwins are on here now, the crypto community is growing guys!

Dope ! glad you guys are here!

Nice! Let's go Steemit!

Photos are very good and attract attention

Great stuff! Upvoted, followed and Resteemed by @cryptoryno33

Hey guys I joined this dtube yesterday and got 6 subscription.
So Plz help me to grow

Hey guys! Welcome to Dtube. I hope you enjoy it here and I look to your videos!

Kind of different from what I am used to see on DTube and I have to admit that I am surprised in a good way = ) I think you guys are going to be viral here because of the uniqueness and hopefully the decision to join or I should say give DTube a try will be worth it for you two. Let's give a warm welcome to the @hodgetwins

Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts.

It's great to see this channel is legit! I think half of us thought this was a rip off to start with. If you need a guide to help editing your channel banner or video thumbnails. You can check out my blog post:


you are rocking! Really great going!

get into goldmint.io
gains ya feel me B)

Long neu peuturi dreo, bahwa long ureung aceh. Lake tulong bantu pat2 yang kureung pah.