Happy Birthday America!

3년 전

Today we celebrated the 4th of July holiday in the USA, which is America's Independence Day. I recognize that there are many different countries represented here on Steemit (which is awesome!), so this day may not be anything special to you, but I wanted to share a little bit of our celebrations.

Each 4th of July, we have a block party with our neighbors where we close off our cul-de-sac, share some potluck style food, swam in pools, listen to music, and shoot off fireworks in celebration of the day. It feels like a bit of old America nostalgia, as I do not think many people celebrate this way any longer.

I am sure a vast majority of people on this platform are very proud of where they came from and their home country, and I believe patriotism is a great thing. No country is perfect, and neither is ours. But it is like family - there are some good spots and some bad spots, but in the end, it is family so you stick together.

We had a great day celebrating with our neighbors and I wanted to share a few pictures from our day:












Thanks for reading, and take care my friends!


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really very nice to see your enjoyning independence day and you giving very nice photography of your sweet family.happy birthday to america.i hope that,you enjoy your special independence day with your friends,relatives, neighbour and family. .you and your beautiful family are so lucky as you are the citizens of America. Always you wish for the peace of your motherland.happy holiday.thanks to sharing for your great post of nation independence day.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you.my best wishes alltime with you and your family.have a great day.. my dear friend.. @brian.rrr

Happy Birthday America ♥...you and your beautiful family are so lucky as you are the citizens of America. I'm very pleased that you celebrate the Independence day of America with your family.

As you say, patriotism lives in the heart of each one of us, for my part I congratulate you and I like your faces with joy, and you have the homeland reflected in their faces, transmit peace and joy, In Venezuela today July 5 is such an important date, as it is the independence of Venezuela but with the difference, we can not celebrate anything since we are living very dark hours, however I send my congratulations and a big greeting, from Venezuela, my admiration and respect for the American community . @brian.rrr

Hello Friend how are you? happy day although in venezuela we celebrate it on July 5, just like you, I am very proud of my roots and of my beautiful country
They celebrate it very well I like a lot the attificial games in Venezuela it is not celebrated that way we are all at home resting only the government people have a commemorative parade
I love your children are very beautiful you are very lucky and very blessed by your beautiful family

Happy friend July 4 I see that they had a great time this is a great date it is good that you share everything they usually do that day that in your country is a custom the fireworks are very beautiful

Jacob and Kendra had a lot of fun as always

Today is July 5 declaration of independence in my country venezuela

Today July 5 in my country Venezuela is celebrating independence day it makes me a little sad because nobody celebrates it anymore and nobody gets happy and nobody does anything

Even so, I feel happy where I come from

Congratulations to you, it is also good that you continue to maintain the culture and continue to celebrate it @brian.rrr

Looks like you had a very great time. We in North Carolina got our regular unforcasted rain around 7pm. It almost always rain here on the 4th of July.

¡Happy Birthday America!

sounds fantastic , the whole the UK was like that when England won there last Word Cup match ; ) all the best @brian.rrr

How nice it is to have received a new birthday from America together as a family! God bless you

There is nothing better than being together as a family in such a special celebration, and teaching your children this beautiful tradition is great! happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day to you @brian.rrr
Always you wish for the peace of your motherland.
So thank you for sharing the picture of your family with us.

Happy Birthday America

Great Celebration and Awesome Cute Family Photoshot. Really Look Like Awesome.

Happy Holiday.Independence Day is a special day for every nation.
Peace be upon you and your family.
very cute baby..........

Great moments with family and happy nic . Great day for USA .

  ·  3년 전

It is evident that the celebration was very good. Congratulations!

Very nice to see you are enjoying your independence day with your family and neighbours, posted some awesome photographs, that really great and also agree with you patriotism is a great things.

Happy independence day friend.


It is an important date for you so congratulations and continue to be a free country and opportunities to dream.

Free independent. All human beings are born equal. Happy celebrating Independence Day
And enjoy happy with family

No country is perfect, and neither is ours. But it is like family - there are some good spots and some bad spots, but in the end, it is family so you stick together.

This is patriotism in its best sense. Too often, nationalism is mistaken for patriotism.

Happy 4th of July! important date and a lot of celebration ... I like your wife's shirt. You can see the love for his country!

Happy 4th of July, besides, it looks great all the things they did.

Nice celebration with your family.....
Have a great day.....Enjoy it @brian.rrr

Happy happy happy birthday America...

Happy birthday America

very good post friend, it's super interesting I hope you keep posting content so have my support I also invite you to go through my profile so you can see my content.

Family and Friends are all that we need. Maybe you check my blog also. https://steemit.com/steemit/@casilup/keep-your-friends-close-solo-tenemos-una-vida-con-ellos

Happy birthday America

Happy Birthday !!!!

heppy worldcup2018

Happy birthday USA

It looks like you guys had an amazing day for July 4th celebrations. We just had Canada day here on July 1st and it is very similar to the things you do there. Every year we have family and friends over and have a big BBQ and party followed up by a trip to the fireworks. I plan to blog about it soon. With family visiting for the past week I have been on a little bit of a Steemit vacation. So much writing to do now. LOL