Home for the Holidays



This is my youngest son Gabriel and he is in the Army in a Signal Battalion.
My boy went straight into military leaving for basic training two weeks after graduating high school.

He is in the technical side of the Army and is making pretty good money for someone his age.

It was hard for my wife to let him go but I assured her it was best for him because it was really what he wanted to do and he would be happy. I have always allowed my kids to pursue their passion, it doesn't matter what I want.....as long as they are satisfied then that is all that matters.

Let your children chose their path to happiness.

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He's the same age as my youngest nephew, who is also with his family for just 10 days, having just joined the army straight out of high school. Austin is based in Texas, so is heading back there on Xmas day. Right now he's in Durham with most of my family.

I can resonate with wanting to support them in making their own choices, as much as we adults might wish they would only choose professions that have no guns involved. But they have their own destiny to live out, as we've had ours.

Must be great to have him home with you, especially knowing that after this it will be rare the time you get to spend with him, as his life moves out into the world.


It truly is a joy to have him home for the holidays.

Good luck and prayers of safety to your nephew on his military journey.