Happy Chuseok to all of you here in South Korea.

3년 전


It's Holidays once again celebrating Chuseok here in South Korea.

Families get together as they celebrate the holidays.
Lots of food prepared and served during this season and one food that can't miss on every table is this rice cake called "tok".

Tok is made from powdered rice, mashed and knead and stuffed with some sweet or salty ingredients inside. Some fillings can be made from chestnuts, black beans or pumpkin which is my favorite.
This sticky delicacy is a traditional food them in every holiday believing that a sticky food will make their whole family bonds together forever.

Again, a happy holidays to every Koreans!!!


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Chuseok in South Korea is a very busy holiday right?


Yes @natruelover, Koreans are all busy this holiday because they go around all their family members, mostly the grandparents in their provinces.


That is what Koreans are known, they respect their elders so much.


True, one reason why I love Korean culture.

Oh wow, looks so yummy!
In the Philippines, we don't have that "tok" but I guess the food that we have instead is "biko".


It is really yummy.
Oh yes, biko is also served here but not as sweet like Filipinos prepare it, Koreans like it a bit salty.


I love "biko", small amount of this makes me full.

Welcome back to friends