Spotify brings back its three-for-one holiday Premium offer

21일 전

Spotify South Africa is bringing back its holiday three-for-one Premium offer to those who may have jumped music services since the middle of October.

The company is offering former users three months of Premium access for R59.99. Effectively, you’re getting three months for the price of one.

The offer is available to those “who have tried Premium before and ended their subscription for whatever reason” after 19 October 2019, the company explained in a release.

Those who have never tried Spotify before can also still take advantage oScreenshot_2019-11-19 Spotify brings back its three-for-one holiday Premium offer.png

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You seem to be posting the same thing lots of times. This is likely to get you downvoted for spam. That harms your reputation. Honest engagement is a better path to success. Be social


thanks for telling me


Actually I just realised I was mistaken. The eSteem app was showing that post multiple times, but it is only there once. Sorry about that.

My advice about being social is still valid. Make connections and find your audience. Get some friends to sign up.