3 days of Holybread - numbers and outlook

3년 전

Three days ago Holybread opened its gates! The fight for a high rank in the arena has begun and we are excited to see more and more players joining the fun. We have been pretty busy the last days but now want to take some time to give you some updates.


Massive hero invasion

Within the last 3 days, over 1000 players have joined Holybread and sent their heroes to the battlefield.
Holybread can now be tracked on SteemApps and State of the DApps. We had 687 active players in the last 24 hours - thats a pretty awesome number!


Plans for the future

We want Holybread to be a fun game that we add features to consistantly so it never gets old for the players. There are many many ideas that we want to bring to life sometime in the future such as dungeons and guilds. Also suggestions from users are a great inspiration for us to work on updates and add more fun. If you have ideas you want to share, you can do so in our discord server and post it into the suggestions channel.
A lot of users seem to be missing an in-game usage for Breadcrumbs which we agree with 100%. Currently it's used to distribute our prize pool to players but we are already working on ingame possibilities to use Breadcrumbs. We have a lot of ideas!


FAQs - multilingual

Although Holybread is a very simple game to play, once you know your way around but for new players (especially when you are not used to this type of game) things can be challenging at first. On holybread.io, there is also a FAQ section. We wrote the FAQ in english but we want everyone to fully understand what the game is about, even if english is not your mothertounge. Therefore @muscara offered to write a german translation of the FAQ. You can read the post here. But we also implemented it to the FAQ section on Holybread. Thank you very much @muscara for your translation!
We would be happy to add more languages to our FAQs, so if you would like to support our project and write a translation to your primary language, please contact me (@auminda) on discord.

If you want to read about Holybread in details, bring some time and read this post.

That's it for now.
See you on the battleground!


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Also join our discord server: https://discord.gg/fdHYBjV

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The natural usecase for the breadcrumbs is to be used as solo currency in the internal market. People could buy items and heroes from other people, and use them in the game to get stronger. This way, the sellers will always have the option of taking they money out by converting their breadcrumbs on the steem-engine.

Since Breadcrumbs are “used to distribute our prize pool to players,” are they still counted if moved to Steem engine?


They can only counted if they are on a sell order in steem-engine. The prize will be distributed by a massive buy on the steem-engine on Sunday. Iti will be interesting to see how the exchange rate will look after this buy order...

It actually is kinda fun! You know a good way to play it on mobile? I can't log in with my mobile browsers :-/


It should work with Steemconnect. Which browser are you using? Maybe it's not working because an old Javascript file is in your browser cache. So if that's the reason clearing the cache should help.
If that's not helping, what happens if you try to log in with Steemconnect?


That is strage.. I tried with brave mobile and safari so far and I get looped at the point where I type in the account name and posting key. The Browser starts the Log-In leading to the "grad permission" view before then redirect to the Log-In view - a perfect loop.

So you tested it mobile and it's working just fine for you?


OK - I got it. To play the game you need to use the general account pwd or at least the activation key! Now it works. That was the problem, the posting key is not enough.

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I love this game, and hope that it’s around for a while too. :)