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Hey SportsTalkers

I was becoming lazy in the last period and had to do something about it. I was not feeling well and my body became a shell of what it used to be, sad. It's a hard moment when you realize that your a lazy bum and it takes time to say "STOP doing nothing, do something." As the summer almost ended and I have a spare room in the house, why not put it in good use, right? I did some research and tried to find the best stuff I need at the lowest price, so the whole setup comes down to 200EUR. What you see on the photos and I am waiting for 2x 5kg weights and some other perks.



This pull up bar needs to be mounted on the wall, I'll do that in the upcoming days. The wooden bench I made myself.


I currently have about 25kg in weights and its enough, for now, to do some proper workouts until I get stronger:) Btw definitely get a mat for your floor so you won't do any damage. I'll slowly add new things but this is a good enough start for me. Monthy fitness membership is around 50EUR here in Slovenia, 600EUR a year. No thanks, I'll build it myself, no fancy machinery just old school bars and weights.

Let me know what Yall think!

Thanks for stopping by, stay active!



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Pullup bar: 50eur

Curved bar: 30eur

Small bars with 20kg weights: 60eur

Mat: 30eur

Wooden bench: screws, wood and polish 15eur

2 x 5kg weights: 40eur

I am sure you can find cheaper stuff it all depends where you live.

You can do a bunch for your upper, middle body. You can also do leg days with no problem. Cardio tho is best if you do by biking, running and doing other sports activities.

Dam nice setup! I find its always hard to get going but ive been back on track for a few months now. Im not super hardcore either, but shoot for at least a few sets. It feels good to get that soreness, and know youre getting much needed exercise. Gotta look buff for the ladies too!


Hey. Thanks! Yes, the start is always the hardest part but as you said when you get it going its worth it :)


Thank you very much!

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