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About 10 days ago I was duly alarmed by a fairly large wet stain developing on the wall of one of the rooms in my condo. If you're a houseowner (or generally just, you know, live inside a brick-and-mortar abode), you'd understand my ensuing dread, because this means there is leaking plumbing behind the wall.

I alerted the building management office who then sent a pair of contractors to find out the offending pipe that is moistening my wall. The rendered verdict came in a proverbial good news-bad news combo : good news is the leak is from a common pipe which means it falls under the purview of the building management, ie: I don't have to pay out of my own pocket to fix this; bad news is they will need to hack through my room's wall to access it.

After a few more days of dilly-dallying on the management's part, the contractors darkened my doorsteps once more with their tools of wall-destruction. They promptly got started on their business of exposing the concealed pipeworks with a pneumatic drill.

Two holes were made, the bottom one to determine the direct source of moisture and another one near the ceiling...

...Which reveals the actual leak.

Long story short, the leak originated from a poorly assembled piping joint near the top of the ceiling. The water then flowed down thanks to gravity, and pooled on the floor, which then seeped into my wall (and apparently, the ceiling of the unit below mine).

If you want to know what are those brown substances on the pipe's a leaking sewage pipe so I'll let your imagination take you the rest of the way. Fortunately, no foul smell was detected.

It took the contractors one day to repair the joint and close the gaping holes they so artfully made earlier that day, and another day to repaint the wall. Right now we're keeping an eye for a few more days to make sure everything is dry and dandy before moving our stuffs back into the room.

In addition to the other defects I had to deal with for the last year and a half, plus the ongoing row the owners are having with the developer, suffice to say I will not be buying any houses from this developer anymore.

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don't want to mention, scared receive love letter :P


🤣 then better 🤫.. Hope is all well with you and family.