Project house on a hill #4 [2019/06/15] The first floor

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Another step ahead on my new home. Although my new future home is far away from my current home but I try to travel there at least once a week to see the progress.

In the past few weeks, a lot has been done. Started with the floor and the stairway.





After a week break, we continue with the upstairs walls. We use very thick bricks, which are about 50 cm thick. This size of the brick contain a higher thermal insulation and we will need much less energy to heat up the house in the cold winter.






I am very excited about the work we have done but more, i am worry about all the work ahead us..

My current home was done a few years ago and we have been thought many unexpected situations that costed us a lot more then we expected.

It’s a long way home but its moving slowly forward.

Siamcat ❤️

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Congratulations to you for another step

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Thank you!

It's coming along fine. Seems like a good, solid construction.
I know what you mean about thermal insulation - having lived in Canada, lol.
My apartment building here in Vienna is now adding thick thermal insulation, so my place is also a construction zone. We will see next winter, how much of an improvement it will be. Right now, I endure the construction where I can hardly open the windows. They probably won't be finished until fall. One half of the complex was done last year, and that was how long it took.


Canada is definitely colder then Lower Austria and Burgenland

Wow your house, almost done. Especially with beautiful scenery will definitely bring warmth


Almost done is a very long way from here my friend but i wish that to happen one day ☀️

Greetings, dear, honey and charming @siamcat

I love the way you love your dog!!!! Its like my love for Miya( my little puppie)