Enjoying home educating, and new art projects for the children

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My children love to draw, especially my daughter, who's been spending a few hours of every day drawing, for the past 3 years or so. She mainly works in pencil and pen, but has a real gift for digital art too, which she does on her tiny phone screen! I love that she has such a passion for her art, and I love seeing her style evolve over time. Here are some of her drawings from her instgram feed:
Screenshot_2019-11-02 Hannah S ( hansab26) • Instagram photos and videos(1).png
I have always enjoyed art too, mainly painting and printmaking, but I've never found I have a style of my own. I just enjoy creating and using colour. Here's something I carved and printed last year:
My daughter likes to draw figures, characters from a tv show she enjoys, and characters that she has created in her own mind, and acts out in role play with her brother. Here are a few more of her creations:
Screenshot_2019-11-02 Hannah S ( hansab26) • Instagram photos and videos.png

Recently she decided that she needs a new project, so decided that she wants to draw full-size characters, and cover a whole wall of her room with them. Until I started searching, I didn't realise you could get paper bigger than A1 size, but thankfully, rolls of giant paper exist for artists who need it :-) She doesn't want to change mediums, so working in pencil and pen is going to be a very lengthy, and expensive, process!

Unfortunately the table she'd been using until now wasn't big enough for giant paper, so we spent the afternoon setting up the 8 seater dining table in her room, so that she now has space to work on her new creations - can't wait to see how she gets on! :-)

With my daughter starting a new project, my son decided he also wants to try drawing on a giant scale too, so I've extended the kitchen table, and he now has it covered in paper, and I'm now having to work on my lap! I don't mind though, it's a small price to pay for seeing them enjoy their creativity :-) I love that home educating allows them the time to fully immerse themselves in the creative projects that they come up with!

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Wow :-) Thank you for sharing :-)

She is very talented and creative! I love that you are honing their skills and interests and making it possible for them to advance in their creations. It’s so important that our kids know we support them and their efforts because it only encourages them even more. Kudos to you and I look forward to seeing more of her work :)

Thanks for sharing ~


Definitely :-) So important to ensure kids are supported in what they want to do :-)

I loved at growing up and sometimes wish my girls had more interest in it. They will all flew their own path, though, I guess.


I find it hard that at times that I'm really enthusiastic about something I'm passionate about, wanting to share it with the kids, only to find they're just not bothered..... it's a great thing that they will develop their own passions though, and follow their own paths :-)

Digital art isn't any better, you get to a stage where computers become very expensive XD (mostly if you're doing 3d or any kind of animation, you can get away with cheaper builds for 2d)

Your daughter's drawings are pretty good, love the lighting in the last one :)

Have fun with the gigantic drawings, remind them to take breaks so their hands don't cramp up XD


Thanks. That's true...I keep suggesting my daughter saves for a digital drawing pad to go with a laptop, but they're so expensive.


I thought I answered this and probably did type one out but probably didn't press the button XD

This happens regularly x_x

Depending on what she needs a laptop for, would she be able to get away with an iPad, an Apple Pencil and Procreate? That setup would be a lot cheaper to begin with. You can also maybe use a Surface Pro which will give you both those in one but that's a purchase I deeply regret (I got a SP4 hoping to reduce the amount of kit I had to haul on long trips, as I already have a tablet I feel like I should have just bought a Macbook Pro like I'd been originally planning) so I don't recommend it but it's an option that might work out for her and again will be slightly cheaper than a laptop+tablet.

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Thank you :-)

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She is really talented you must be so proud x

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Thanks :-) I am :-) x