And The Wildflower Adventure Goes On..... My Sunday Floral Arrangement, see How I Arranged It !!!


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The Pink Wildflowers

On Sundays, we walk Lily, the chihuahua, at the nearby golf area. A huge vacant lot is located parallel to it where it is so nice to walk being close to nature and it is perfectly quiet. We love to come here because there are so many wildflowers popping-up one after another. And each week there are always new colors and shades available for picking.


Sunday, I was able to pick a bunch of these pink flowers that are in abundance in one of the corners of the lot. They were not there last week and they only came out last Sunday because it rained the days before. Oftentimes, the grass are tall that it´s hard to get through to reach the flowers. But this time, I managed my way.

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cover 8.jpg

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cover 5.jpg

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One thing I forgot though, the cutter was left in the car and I didn´t want to go back to get it, so we walked a few hundreds meters away and I cut the flowers by just bare hands... By the time we came home I immersed the bunch in a pail of water so that whatever insects clinging to the blooms and leaves are removed and then placed the stems in the water for a while to have them recover from the heat. Then, 0 I started to arrange and placed the tall blue ones in the middle surrounded by the pink ones.


As I´ve blogged here before, I have a few collection of inexpensive vases to choose from depending on the colors and type of the flowers....some in ceramic form, metal , clay and crystal glass. In this arrangement, I chose the twisted blue crystal glass because of the 5 blue spiked flowers I also picked that very day. If I decorate the table with the arranged wildflowers, I also add a little bit of twist to the vase by displaying other objects that could go on the table, I decided on the blue tablecloth and the pink lace to depict the colors of the flowers.

cover 7.jpg

I hope that you like my Sunday arrangement. Enjoy your day wherever you are!

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Special thanks to @gremayo who provided this GIF

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Very nice summer bouquet of wild flowers. Great composition! Small summer walks give us the opportunity to enjoy nature, which has many changes almost every day. There are so many different plants every day. This gives an opportunity for creativity. Thank you for interesting photos :)

  ·  작년

Thanks a lot that you like my bouquet... I am very thankful whenever I discover new set of wildflowers to pick and arrange. Indeed, nature has a lot to offer and sometimes others don´t see the many possibilities nature offers to us. Thank you too for visiting!

You have lovely wildflowers! Beautiful arrangement. I like the accents you added like the colored starfishes, blue swan and crystal basket 😘

  ·  작년

Many thanks... yes, they were hand downs from mom in law, she collected crystal glasses.

Upvoted and resteemed

  ·  작년

thank you Anne dear.

Wow! Super love it! Nice combination of nature colors...tanan tanan gyud Ni complement gyud! Prettiness pod ang wild flowers murag butterfly shape...

  ·  작년

hahaha... hinay hinay Jude.

  ·  작년

Wow a lovely wildflowers! Combination of my fav colours.

Thanks for sharing us your secrets how to do it nice, nice picked of flowervase really compliments..

  ·  작년

Thank you Neng... am trying my best at all times... mahirap sumablay , hehehe.

Lovely Flowers!! I like the way you arranged it.

  ·  작년

Thank you... glad you like the arrangement.

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Hola Lily!
Did you enjoy your walk?? I bet you did 😀
Love the crystal blue vase Mers, it look like it's dancing and elegant. Beautiful flowers as always ❤️

Happy weekend!

  ·  작년

Hola Joy! Yes mommy Joy , I enjoyed walking with mom Mers... thank you ..Lily

Thank you Joy.. just like you , we love to decorate our home with inspiring things... Have a nice Wednesday!