Re-launching The Liberty Academy - A new paradigm in Education, perfect for homeschooling



Dear All,

It is with great pleasure that I am announcing the re-launching of our Liberty Academy learning platform.

As a long time educator with over 33 years in the sector and over 22 as a teacher, I have decided to focus my efforts to creating a platform that promotes truth, liberty, and freedom for people of all ages.

All lessons and courses are free and are available on the website

No sign-up required. No advertisements. No tricks. Just sound pedagogical educational material that's easily accessible for parents, those interested in homeschooling, educators, and eager students of all ages (from elementary, middle-, high-school, to adults).

Educational Philosophy & Framework

You can learn more about our educational philosophy and framework on our About Us page. Here is a quick snapshot of our learning framework:


Earn Crypto

Students and contributors will be able to earn crypto for their efforts!

While it is not currently decided which cryptocurrency or token will be used, we wish to employ one that is founded on privacy and liberty. Suggestions or comments about this are welcome in the comments section below.


Our courses will be set up along 3 major groups:

  1. Kids
  2. Teens
  3. Teens & Adults

Great for Homeschooling

I've decided to make all the lessons and courses available both:

  • Online: directly on the website where users can view and print lessons; and
  • Downloadable documents: Editable PPTs & Docx files, and PDFs for the various materials.

What distinguishes us from 99.9% of all the other sites is that parents, educators, and students can get the materials and use/modify them as they wish without having to sign-up or experience other hassles. As long as it's not done for commercial purposes, people can use the material as they see fit.

It is particularly frustrating and challenging for busy parents and teachers to find quality materials they can use in their teaching that is easily accessible and customizable to their specific needs; that is why I have decided to also provide the Microsoft Word & Powerpoint files so that they can tailor them to their specific needs.

Furthermore, many parents now prefer to homeschool due to COVID-19 worries as well as concerns regarding curriculum taught in schools.

Moreover, they feel that their kids are not receiving the right skills and abilities in the traditional educational setting and that a lot of the instruction they receive at school is in the form of indoctrination to be obedient members of society who lack critical thinking and questioning skills.

Our focus

Therefore, our focus at The Liberty Academy is to offer an alternative that will empower individuals with practical skills whilst promoting understanding, truth, freedom, and liberty.

We hope you can spread the word and if you have children or wish to learn something new for yourself, feel free to have a look and partake in this new paradigm of learning.

I will be regularly posting new lessons and courses on the website and also here on Hive to let you know about them.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

God bless.


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