Kicking Off The Homeschool Year With A New Book!

2년 전


We are excited to kick off this new homeschool year by publishing a new children's book, The Garden Quest! This sequel to our children's book series, The Magical Adventures of Wonsook, demonstrates garden fun for kids, family connection, patience & outdoor creative play.

As part of our homeschool education, we wrote the story, contributed to the illustration, wrote the music, created all of the activity pages in the back of the book, and published our work.

Stay tuned for more blogs about our learning journey, and be sure to check out our new book on Amazon.

You can get it on paperback:

And Kindle:

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So cool! We homeschool too. We made a mini movie over the summer, but no books yet. You can see it on our page if you're interested. The Crowbarkids are @Tonks - 12, Wildstyle - 8, Snowgo - 5 & CrowbarBaby -2. How old are you guys?


Your movie is really great! We like how you made it a silent movie with only music in the background. It makes your video stand out in a fun and unique way. We are 17 and 15 years old, and have been homeschooling for about 7 years.

Again, great job with your first mini movie. Keep up the great work! :)