Predator Control on the Homestead

4년 전

A couple of pictures of a coyote from my trail camera less than a hundred yards from our barn. So far this is about as close as they come because of our farm dogs. We have lost chickens and ducks to racoons that have broken there way into the coop and barn before we got our dogs. Our dogs have been with us for almost 4 years now and we have not lost anything to predation since. Before our dogs, we had up to a dozen racoons here every night eating something of ours.

Our farm dogs, Tick and Bella, are German shorthaired pointers. They are the everything dog. They can track, point, hunt, and retrieve. They make great best friends and are always aware of what's going on around the farm letting us know if something or someone is on the farm.

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Plato once said that "a dog has the soul of a philosopher."