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Our intern came out today and we were hard at work layering on cardboard and woodchips around all the newly planted fruit trees and nut bushes. We then moved on to layering on woodchips over a mini berm we put together to help with the pooling of water/erosion control.



Just when we thought we had made a dent in the woodchip pile, we get a surprise double load delivered!

This is a FREE resource that could be used for erosion control, weed control, soil building, regenerative gardening, and so much more! A lot of counties in the USA charge the tree companies to dump their loads of chips in the landfill! Not only do these precious chips get wasted in the landfill but they have to PAY to do it! You are supporting local companies by taking the load AND you can use these chips to your benefit!! Call around to your local tree companies or sign up to registry sites like or

With lots of love
-Kindred Acres

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Sure am loving watching all this come along! You all do such a good job with all you do. :))


Thanks!! It's a fun journey that is for sure. This winter has been extra fun, planning the far front out, and just running with it. Watching it all unfold. I'm so anxious for spring when everything starts growing and blooming!!

Hey @kindredacres,

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Hope to see more content from you soon :-)