Our FIRST Beehive!

2년 전

We are super excited that our first beehive arrived today!! We have a local beekeeper that offers a rental/mentorship program. You can rent the hive for a year, they come out and set it up and maintain it. At the end of the year, you can choose to purchase the established hive (or rent again for another year).


Today we met with Ken from Hank E Panky Farm at our Kindred Acres homestead. He set up one hive, answered a bunch of our questions, and made me feel very comfortable about having bees! He is really great to work with. I feel confident I will gain the knowledge I need to take over next year as the beekeeper. Having bees will help our food forest pollinate and I feel good about doing my part to save the honeybee!



As far as pricing, I compared prices to other options and found Ken's prices to be super reasonable. Prices range depending on what set-up you get but they start at around $150 for the year! This includes the bee box, bees, his services of maintaining the hive and answering your questions. That is an excellent price in my opinion. If you choose to buy the hive at the end of the year prices will range around $300 but again this varies based on how many hives you have, your setup, etc.


If you are in the Raleigh NC area and are interested in this option, here is their info. They also make AMAZING handcrafted honey and goat milk soap if you are interested in purchasing some.


Check out our video of him setting the bees up, and listen to some Q&A to learn a little about having a beehive!!

With lots of love
~Bren and Kaliah
-Kindred Acres

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