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Pawpaw is a kind of fruits that is very important in every continent in this world.pawpaw is very good to body and it cures some disease in the body, pawpaw has many name like the papaya,even in the Western part of Nigeria (yoruba)their mother tongue (l1) for pawpaw is (Ibepe),And the botanical name for pawpaw is Carica papaya,no body will say they have not seen pawpaw before or they don't no it.
Mother tongue (l1) it means the first language you first spoke out in your life,not the language you learn or you know, but the first language in your brain,you don't learn how to speak it, but you can speak it, Linguistic normally short it as L1.Pawpaw has different kind of name in every country.

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Pawpaw (papaya) it grows in tropical areas through out the world.Also the papaya is a large, tree-like plant with a single stem,growing from 5 to10m(16 to 33ft) always tall,with specially arrange leaves confined to the top of the truck,we also have Male and Female, the male only produced pollen, never bring out fruit while the female ones normally produced fruit that is useful to body.
Pawpaw is doing different kind of works.Even the ripe,unripe and the seed inside.

ripe pawpaw
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The ripe pawpaw is eatable and it is good to body,pawpaw is good to be eating because pawpaw contain vitamin B,C and Minerals.Even if someone is having dull skin due to bad habit of eating,pawpaw can also solve the problem by applying the papaya pulp on your skin in addition to eating it regularly.

unripe pawpaw
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The unripe papaya is also good for health. In local herb,they normally peel the back of pawpaw and removed the seed inside it,after it they will slice it into water and soak for some hours ,aftersome hours take our of the water that u used to soak it mix the water with glucose and drink it,it cure typhoid and some other disease, even most of people eat it the back of pawpaw without peeling it.

seeds of pawpaw
image[source](snapped with my phone)
The seed is very useful to cure diabetes, cancer cell,kidney problem,ucher,because papaya seed contain vital nutrients that helps to kill disease. Papaya seedvcan be useful when dried. After the seed has been dried .you can take out of it and grind them,you can use them with juice or food. Also for irregular mestruation someone can grind dried papaya seed and mix it with lemon.
So pawpaw (papaya) is a kind of fruit that is important in the body and also in the world like i used to sing it in my primary school(pawpaw is a kind of fruit,yellow like a fanta,sweet like a sugar, pawpaw is a kind of fruit).

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Thanks for your information!


This is a good write-up, keep it up

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