Hurricane Michael Clean Up.


I am in North Carolina where we have been hit by two hurricanes in the last few weeks.
Now I am not one to complain on what I can not control, but instead continue on with strength.

I don't have time to be on Steemit as much as I may want to because of the hardships of the loss of power for a few days because of the storm last week. I had two 50 foot tall pine trees to fall down in my backyard, thankful they did not fall on my house.

Friday I started cutting up and burning the trees. My neighbor and I worked on those trees all day from sun up to sun down.

Now you know I'm a country boy, so that means that whatever needs to be done, it will be done.
It has been raining all morning and into the afternoon and now the sky has cleared and I will use the remaining daylight to do more cutting.

With that said, I don't have time to spend on Steemit...... there's work to be done.
Here are some pictures taken yesterday.



Oh destroyed the pecan tree I have back there and it looks like I may have to cut it down....😠🤬😤😞


Burn baby burn ...I'm A Country Boy!!!!



My neighbor had a tractor to move the heavy stuff around.


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I live in Houston, Texas and have lived through 8 major hurricanes since the 1980's. One word of advice to my STEEMian brother. Be dam careful with the chain saws.


Now that's the gospel truth my friend....take all precautions.

Gotta have a burn barrel if you live in the South lol! Glad your home was not damaged.

I'm in NC also. Michael hit us pretty good as well.


I pray that you and your family be safe.
We are North Carolina strong!!