Grow Food Year Round in a $300 Underground Greenhouse

2년 전

The word Walipini, derived from the Aymaran language and an indigenous Bolivian tribe, is translated as “a place of warmth” and is an earth sheltered cold frame or transparent-roofed enclosure.

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Interesting proposal very practical for these times. Greetings from another Latin American country, Venezuela

This is amazing. I didn't know semi natural greenhouses existed. This is quite wonderful and a worthwhile investment for anyone

You are great for creating a greenhouse for plants. My house also has a greenhouse, but its size is slightly smaller for the growth process of pamelo tree seeds.


An interesting post for us to know more with things as you have written TheHomestead.Guru @ homestead-guru, I see still a lot of places that have not been touched from the basic history of each tribe region, I gave an example in the Region where I live in the Province of Aceh Indonesia, until now not yet known from where Seku. We are Aceh.
from the words of the original people of the original aceh tribe is Mantee but until now can not be proven.

thank you for posting a very meaningful

It's nice to see the place. It's better to stay here. I hope you like it

Wow cool solutions but sorry i dont belive that cost only 300$


I have built 2. 16x30 and 42x30. If you dug it by hand and could source free round wood trees the only cost would be the door, plastic, and however you attached the plastic. I think it's possible. My small on is 2×6s I bought from a guy who was going to build a shed and changed his mind.

Beautiful House Glass House

Awesome green house.
What a great deal you guys got. That is insane.

$300 cost. It's kind a cheap but great!

Nice planing ... I like that house ...Thanks For Sharing

One like this I need I have one but it is plastic and plastic tube

cool idea, thanks for sharing...maybe I'll try it one day :)