Did you know that Doctors and Scientist State that 70-80 % of Your Immune System is Located in the GUT?

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Wow, I had no idea...but yes, this is true!
Here is how you can improve your immune system!

Everyday new information is confirming that the majority of our immune system is located in the GALT (gut associated lymphatic tissue). As new studies are published it is becoming clearer that conditions such as allergies, atopic dermatitis in children, irritable bowel syndrome, autism, and many other physical and mental diseases can usually be resolved with healthy gut bacteria.

It is important that we avoid foods that unbalance our bacteria system such as sugar, high fructose corn syrup and processed foods. Sugar, processed syrups, and white flour create and acidic environment in your gut and can lead to poor health.

Some sweeteners that have good effects on your immune system include real maple syrup (high in minerals) and raw local honey (a natural antibiotic). So if you are going to indulge your sweet tooth, do it in moderation and choose a sweetener that will enhance your health. My raw local honey!

The only truly health packed bread, based on the research I have done, would be homemade sprouted grain breads (commercial brands like Ezekiel found in the freezer case in most stores) and homemade sourdough.

Other foods that will enhance your GALT (gut associated lymphatic tissue) include, kefir and homemade fermented vegetables as well as, a diet high in grass fed, raw dairy and beef. The corn and feed fed meats, chicken and dairy are pasteurized and/or stripped of most nutrition and leave your body in an acidic condition. The ratio of omega -3 fatty acids of a grass fed cow is the same as that of a wild caught cold-water salmon.

If you do not believe me, let's ask some additional experts:

I hope this article was informative and will enhance your life in some way!

Below are pictures and descriptions of the fermenting and kefir systems that I use.


I start with cabbage and carrots here above. You can use cabbage and whatever else you like such as peppers, or just do what I do, look for interesting fermenting vegetable combinations and spices online.

I chop it up and put it in the glass jar.

Add the seasonings..for this batch I used my favorite combination: Panch phoron (Indian spice blend of fennel, black mustard, Fenugreek, and cumin.)

See this link regarding the use of kefir or starters and why they are not necessary in your ferments.
I then add about a teaspoon of salt with about a cup or so of rain water, enough to cover the mixture.

Put the stones on top to weigh it down, then the lid gizmo, and wait! usually about 5 days... but anywhere from 3-10.

This is the system I use as I have tried the mason jar method but this little system is foolproof!
Here is the link for this culture jar system and kefir grains to start your kefir:


Below is the kefir pictured with the yummy whole fat on top...I only use raw milk...We drive two hours each way once monthly. I sell this as part of my local organic cooperative. We use what we purchase for two weeks and freeze the rest for the second part of the month.

Always use plastic or glass as metal will kill your kefir grains!

Once it has sat on the counter for a couple of days and grown out, you just stain the grains out and start them again in a new or the same jar. You add new milk to the top and set it back out..and wait for the next batch.

Sometimes if I do not have time to drain the grains, I just pop them into the frig as is, and drain them later.

You add new milk to the top, set it back out..and wait for the next batch.

Waa Laa! Healthy gut foods!

Something further to think about: I know these food items take time to prepare and are often more expensive, but how much do you pay needlessly for medical insurance, pharmaceuticals or doctor visits.

In case you missed it here are my other links in this series:



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the stomach is our second brain! it's important to feed it well..after all, you are what you eat. Great content! following you now :-)


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we grow kefir, the watery clear kind with lemon and sugar
love Your article


Thank you ...feeling a bit ..discouraged! I really appreciate it!

Wonderful! we love ferments in this house!

Autism? How extensive has the immune system been studied in reference to a healthy gut in reference to Autism?


If I could give you any link/doctor regarding this I would absolutely recommend Mercola.com go to that site and do a search. He specifically talked about this in two of his articles and I know dyes, hormone disruptors, mercury in immunizations, fluoride. all of the chemicals around us are crazy...that is also why cancer rates are so high...Oh another fantastic site is naturalnews.com he is a great medical source as well for natural cures and real research. my husband also mentioned thetruthaboutcancer.com has some info there as well.
Hope that helps.
blessings melissa let me know i will happy to find the links tomorrow if you can not.


Thank you sweets, that was most helpful! I know a few that could surely benefit from this.

Wow @joearnold,
This is amazing. You are a great cook so it seems. I wish I would do stuff to take care of my gut. Actually, seeing your post makes me feel that I should start soon.
Hmmm... I feel like eating some of that now :)


I put the link for the starters...ferments are so good for you and tasty too!


Many thanks dear :)

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great post.... nice info to share... @joearnold
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One more piece in the puzzle as to why so many are sick these days!

I still haven't gotten up the courage to try making the fermented veggies as I think my family will reject it, especially after my mum's awful smelling attempts that we had to endure! She would often leave them on the side to go mouldy too...