Fellow Floridians ...The lines are growing here in Florida for food and water, so remember drink the rainwater! Do not panic if they are out!

4년 전

rain collecting.jpg

Rainwater is far safer than the BPA ridden bottled or municipal water anyway..Get out your clean, preferably BPA free containers and collect gallons. Have your station set up ahead and you will not have any problems if your local grocery is out.

Use your resources around you...they are plentiful..think outside the box...eat the weeds etc..We use half gallon, glass, mason jars on a regular basis and that is all of the drinking water we use in summer. It is amazingly refreshing, zero dissolved solids if collected properly. Use a large plastic sheet if you have a shingle roof ...set something up. So do not panic! Also remember to freeze water ahead to stack in your frig so it will keep things cool once the power goes out!

Then remember to pray like you never have before! This is the month of Elul when you should be thinking of your sins and repenting. Now is as good a time as any!

May God Keep you during this time and always!

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nice one dear... rain water is truly natural!
thanks for sharing


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Great post! A lot of people panic when their faucets no longer work. Setting up tarps to drain into stock tanks or glass storage containers as you mentioned works great. Also remember to stock up on calorie dense foods like beans, nuts, and dried fruit that don't require refrigeration. This reminds me that I need to get around to ordering a manual backup for our well water.

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Floridians definitely access to rain and it's free. Another source of water would be the pools and there are many in Florida. Only I don't know how to filter the pool water. Didn't think about the ice to keep the frig cold if there is a power outage. Good post.

Basic survival tips that may not be as obvious to everyone immediately. Good post!


Thank you...sadly we needed a few of these to get us through ...but we made it ...happy to have electric back...Hopefully one day we will be all solar or wind...

I trust you are all well post-hurricane; you can read this when you are back online!

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