Need to prepare for Irma the Hurricane, I reckon! Time to give them all a pruning and make 25 new fruit trees! Here is how!

4년 전

Since my feet have been broken my chores have been severely neglected, but now that I am back on my feet, it is time to get to work! As many gardeners and homesteader know, rooting hormone can save you a fortune in plant costs.

Yesterday since we realized we are at least going to get high winds, the priority at this homestead became pruning the orchard to prevents tall limbs from snapping...This had been put off for far too long and hopefully all of the rain will give plenty of new growth before the heat ends. When you live in Florida, it is usually pretty hot until at least October, sometimes clear through Christmas.:/ In fact, my pomegranate, bananas, and starfruit still have plenty of fruit to offer for the season. We will need to pick those also before the hurricane and hope for the best on counter ripening. :)

I also wanted to show you what we do with our cuttings...they never go to waste...they make new plants and goat food.

All that is required to make a new fruit tree is time and a little bit of extra effort when pruning!

Step one: set up a good number of 3 to 5 gallon pots so your new trees have plenty of growing room. This keeps them from growing through the post into the ground.

Step two: Take the youngest and most tender trimmings, pull off all of the leaves and make them 1-2 feet in length.

Step three: Dip the base end in rooting hormone and stick the shoots into the pots one at a time. I sometimes double up just in case one does not take then all of my watering and effort is not wasted. I usually have far more cuttings than pots I am willing to start. (Many homesteaders/gardeners know this trick but for those that do not, rooting hormone can be purchased from most hardware stores.)

Step Four: Make certain they have a micro-sprinkler or other sprinkler system set up or hand water daily. Just like a new plant until they have a root system fully developed they will need water daily.

In about 1 to 2 months you will see that they have taken hold and you will notice new growth and an entire new plant will have formed**...Wait about 6 months at least to move them as they will survive much better in their planted location if not rushed.

Above is a video of the work I did yesterday in my orchard. I show some of my many specimens growing at my homestead. I am in growing zone 9 to 10...I am able to grow tropicals quite easily, with trees like pear and pecan being a little more allusive. We have tried many specimens from The University of Florida that have been hybridized for Florida, but have had no to little success. As a result, we stick with what is easy, banana, lychee, macadamia, rose-apple, starfruit, mango, just to name a few.

I hope you enjoyed the post!
Many blessings to you and yours,
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Thanks for the video!

It reminded me to get after my fall pruning!

Always something to do when homesteading!


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Thank you rock!


You are welcome!


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I hope you stay safe during the storm! Are you near coast or inland? Are you not evacuating? My niece is coming here from St Augustine.


Fortunately, inland about 33 miles from east is basically a waiting husband just went to board up his sister's house. ; / God has this...I keep repeating that! The 27th psalm as well as the 91st come in very handy to calm my nerves...Thanks for asking!

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