WOW! I HAD NO IDEA! Make your own antibiotics to eradicate bacteria like MRSA!

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While the contribution of penicillin in the 1920’s can not be discounted, it has also made us forget other useful antibiotics that are attainable without having to visit the doctor. One of these is the use of colloidal silver.

I have many personal stories about the healing affects of Colloidal Silver and here are two I will share:

For approximately 20 years, since I was a young girl, I would get chronic sinus infections. One day a friend mentioned colloidal silver spray. I went to my local drug store and picked some up and started spraying it up my nose on a regular basis. I can happily report that I am now free of those infections. I was in a terrible cycle with latent bacteria left in my sinus cavities after repeatedly taking antibiotics only for the infections to return a few months later. I have been free of this now for probably ten years and it has greatly improved my quality of life.

Just three weeks ago I used my squirt bottle for some type of pink eye type infection I picked up. The colloidal silver is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral so it did the trick after several days of application.

I always keep it on hand and make it myself.
Here is the list of items you need to make gallons of your own.
Distilled water...
wiring and 4 clips
Two 99.9 % pure silver coins

That is it! You can google for directions as well but do not follow the advice of those telling you to put salt in the water as it is not necessary. It does and should take some time to suspend in the water so do not crank it up with lots of battery power. It is better to go slow and let the silver build suspension in the water slowly. (in my opinion)

Here are two websites to further explain this wonderful natural antibiotic.

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SO glad to be writing again after the hurricane!

Here are some other articles in this series if you care to look:

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thanks Sneaky!

i think it's a good idea to share like this topic , i like it , good job and thank for sharing


Thank you for the upvote..appreciate your support!


thank you too my friend ❤️

I love that things .it's all handmade.right?
Just amazing glad to be one of your followers


Thank you so much ..such kind words...really appreciate it!
May your blessings flow!


yes, forgot to answer your question...all hand made...wire and clips you would pick up at a radio shack or electronics store.

Ginger and garlic are one of the best natural antibiotics. Very helpful in allergies and hypersensitivity.


yes, indeed they are! My husband swears by them and eats probably an entire pod per day of garlic....We have ginger planted in our yard...we are blessed,,,well most of the time to live in Florida where we can grow ginger! LOL

Thanks for sharing this awesome post. I absolutely love natural way of taking care of their health and that is what I teach and share with people. So that is good to see more articles like this. I always listen to Dr.Josh Axe. He is the best. Upvoted and following because we have the same interests and love plant-based medicine.


Thank you so much, will head over and check out your blog as well. :)

Also, a red laser shows when the proper 1 PPM concentration has been reached, but you have to check youtube or google for pix of what exactly that looks like.

Colliodal silver is a great way to keep the family healthy. Thank u!


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That's amazing.


Glad you like it

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This is a genius way to have some anti bacterial made at home itself!

Thanks for sharing :)


you are very welcome! So Glad it was of interest!
Peace and love,

Good to know you got rid of that infection and thanks for sharing.


Of course are welcome..thank you for dropping by!

wow, interesting!


That is the goal! glad you learned something!