Cheap wasp trap that works

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We are trying to go full permaculture on our farm in the future and wasps have their place here as a beneficial insect. We do have a problem with too many of them late summer and fall around our hummingbird feeder on the deck. We replace the hummingbird feeder with this cheap and great working wasp trap for just a day or two. You put an inch of sugar water in the trap and watch it cull the wasps back, then replace the hummingbird feeder. Never had a problem with our honey bees going into the trap so far. It's safe and will last a life time if kept clean and picked up.
You can make one out of an empty two liter pop bottle but for three dollars, I think this is the best buy at the dollar store.We used these around our homestead for two years now with great results.
After a quick cull of the local wasp population our deck is safe once again.

Thanks for looking hope this helps someone retake their deck or back yard.
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I will have to try this trap. One of the things I hate about summer is the wasps.


Only use if you have a problem.
The sugar water will attract them also.
Thanks for the comment.

One fact I didn't know until recently was that wasps are carnivores and like meat! You can often find them building nests around BBQ's because they scavenge the meat left on the grill. Another way to minimize their appearance is to keep the grill clean. Thanks for letting us know that this trap is available at dollarstores. -Aimee