Coneflowers are part of our permaculture project.

4년 전

Echinacea, which are commonly called coneflowers, is a perennial plant that give an abundance of flowers every year. Coneflowers will attract honey bees and other types of native bees, butterflies and beneficial insects to your farm or yard. Our honey bees seem to love them so every year we help spread them around our permaculture farm a little more. We sow the seed they give every year or divide the plants when they come up in the spring.


Echinacea has also been used in treating infections in the past because it helps boost the immune system. It is one of Mother Natures antibiotics that deserves a place on any homestead.


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Love it! My wife makes a tea from echinacea. Thanks for the post. God Bless

It is funny you should mention Coneflowers. I just got my seeds and will be planting next week. I will be feeding the leaves to the chickens for their immune system.