Oyster Mushrooms on Sugar Maple stump

4년 전

A few pictures of oyster mushrooms fruiting on a sugar maple stump in our back yard. We inoculated the stump about 2 years ago and it gave its first flush last fall. You can see the holes where a bird or chipmunk pulled out the mycelium plugs.
We seen these last fall but forgot to pick them in time they still look good even after all winter. These pictures were only taken a few days ago.

This large stump was from a tree that had to be cut down it was still alive but was rotting half way up and was a safety concern.


We will be doing more of this stump culture on our farm as it seems to working out well. These stumps should give mushrooms for many years to come from what we understand. If you would like to see more about mushroom culture on our farm please leave a comment below.
Thanks for looking

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i am so ready for spring mushroom hunting. We get morels here.


What is the perfect time for you to go out and hunt for morels? Have seen many around here before but now that I know what they are have not been able to find any the last couple of springs. Just got our flow hood installed in our small mushroom lab this winter and want to clone one and try to grow under our apple trees this year.


50-60 DEG right after a rain. I think the climate here is perfect for these mushrooms. We should be getting some rain in a couple days, and the solar flare should have us heated up enough to get out and hunt! Of course I will be posting that one if it works out. Getting close to ginseng time too.


Thanks good luck.

I'll try to remember this week to take some pictures of how I use stumps.