Pear Tree seeds update

4년 전

30 days after planting, the pear seeds are 6-8 inches tall.
They are under a light and have a fan on low to stiffen up the stems.
Will maybe have to transplant into their own pots, we were hoping to plant them straight into to ground but we still have over two months before we can do that here on our farm. You can view how we started them here if you like.
Thanks for looking

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Interesting, are pears like apples where the seeds can produce quite a variation of fruit quality? I guess if you don't like the taste you can always graft?


These pears should be close to the mother tree from what I understand but can be a bit different, will find out in 4-5 years when they fruit. We can graft to the root stock if we want then or use the fruit for animal feed. Have spent a lot of money on store bought fruit trees only for them to die in their second year. This is a very cheap easy way to increase the amount of fruit trees we have on the farm.

Nice! I'm going to look into that post linked at the bottom!

There is a grafted (?) pear tree in my yard that has two different kinds of pears. It's been typically bountiful for the last 30+ years. Unfortunately this past summer it didn't produce much, if any fruit. Not sure why either...