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Our farm has a few patches of different mints we have planted since we moved to our farm . However, spearmint is one of the herbs that has flourished long before we moved here on our homestead. Like most plants in the mint family, they can take over a large area if left unchecked. So if you want to plant spearmint or other mints make sure it's in a area where you can control it, if not, you can plant in pots. One thing that we have found is that pigs don't really like to eat it but will kill it off if they are given enough time by rooting it up in search of bugs and other roots.
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Spearmint is considered one the best mints for cooking and our honeybees love collecting the nectar the flowers give throughout the summer. It promotes digestion, helps support healthy respiratory function, and promotes good oral health. Along with a refreshing aroma that helps clear the mind and uplifts your mood.

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You're so right about it taking over - mine has gone mad - I need to do damage control lol