Starting Pear seeds

4년 전

Started apple seeds a couple of times this way and worked out great so we tried it with seeds from a local pear tree,that produces and abundance medium size sweet fruit. We bought a basket of pears from the owner and kept the seeds from the nicer fruit and let them dry over night. The next day we put the seeds into a moist paper towel (not wet) and labeled it in a zip lock baggie. Put into bottom of fridge and check on seeds every couple of weeks or so. Had to change the paper towel out once because of mold starting. Here we are in February and we have at least 20 new pear tree starts for free. The seeds may not produce fruits like the mother tree but should grow very well in our area. This will be the second winter for our apple seedlings most went into the winter 18-24 inches and looking very well. The first year they were all top browsed on by deer and came back strong.




We plant them in a moist plant starter mix. Root down, seed level with top of soil and we give them a few days before putting them in direct light.
This is a great way for us to start many fruit trees for our permaculture farm for free. It may take 6- 10 years or more before we see any fruit from these trees depending on if we graph to them or not, but they are almost free to make.
Please comment or share below thanks for looking.

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It certainly is a long term project but worth the effort to get so many for free :) I'm interested to see them progress :)


One week old under light. Got 22 pear trees started.

So cool iam going to try this we want our owe fruit trees.

I guess that if the worst comes to the worst and the fruit taste awful, you can always graft on something better and you'll still have saved yourself some time!


That's right.
And if we don't like the fruit they produce, our chickens, pigs and cows will. Also the wild deer and wild turkeys are not as picky as us.


That's true. What we can't eat, just feed to the animals we can eat!

awesome. i need more space to plant things!