BeeCam 3.0! The Queen Emerges!

6개월 전

I have made some major changes to the BeeCam setup. I've completely eliminated the glare and and I have added some Chroma Key tech that should make for some super cool bee effects.


My first attempt with this new setup is to catch the "birth" or Emergence of a Queen Honey Bee!


I have added a live Queen Cell to the "video chamber" and have it superimposed on the other MeanRoosterFarm scenes so you wont miss any of the Live "birthing" action.


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I had to grab my epipen before I watched this lol!


I expected the Queen to have emerged by now. I checked on the batch of the queen cells she came from and none of them have hatched yet either. So either everyone is dead or my ETA or ETE (Estimated Time of Emergence) calculations are wrong. Let's go with my calculations being off.

You should check back later. LOTS of bees..... You'll need your epipen.

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