Incubating Duck Eggs Day 12, T -16

10개월 전

I candled a few Duck Eggs at random today. The shaded patch is now around 75% of the egg.

Capture 2019-02-04 06.24.05.jpg

The eggs are so dark now that you can't see much of anything inside of them anymore.

Capture 2019-02-04 06.24.49.jpg

The total weight is 2lb 3.4oz, the target weight is 2lb 2.78oz. So they are now +0.62oz above the target weight. It's not a problem yet but I might start thinking of how I can reduce the humidity a bit.

Capture 2019-02-04 06.03.30.jpg

Farm Tip: Listen to the old timers' advice. They are usually right.

I will be back in another three days with a weight update and a candle photo or two.

When the eggs start to hatch I will live stream it on on our Mean Rooster Farm LIVE! channel.

Make sure to check out the live feed, we currently have a "Puppy Cam" with six, 12 day old PUPPIES! Their eyes are starting to open now and they are much more active, for about 60 seconds at a time, between feeding and sleeping.

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I love hatching eggs! Candling them is so much fun too. Oh, I miss my farming days!!!


I've never seen hatching eggs live, I'm looking forward to it. I've been close enough to see baby's that are still wet but never hatching. I hope I can get some good video of it.


I'm so excited for you then, it's so much fun!

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