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We've found an egg like that, before. I think it is what they call a fairy egg. There are some pretty interesting superstitions about them!


Oh, that is so interesting! Thanks for sharing the information.
I like the idea of a fairy egg, haha.

Your little helper is adorable! :)

That just looks like an idyllic life, I'm really looking forwards to getting back to growing my own food again!


It's really a blessing.
I hope you'll be able to get back to it soon!

Hi @nikolina. Didn't realize you lived in the country. Wow, an oval shaped egg. Never seen that before. I hope your garden of peppers does well. My mom used to have a garden full of cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, string beans. I loved eating he tomatoes straight from the vine.


I loved eating he tomatoes straight from the vine.

My nephew does that! :)

I hope your garden of peppers does well.

Thank you! We also have a lot more veggies but it's still too early to start planting them.

Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day!

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Thank you, Qurator team! :)

Gardens are wonderful, its great eating your own food when harvest time comes. I'm allergic to cats, so I stay away from them. I also like quiet, and being by myself. Not everyone enjoys this, but I do as well. Bear Hugs my dear friend!! 💖


Ooh, I don't think I knew you were allergic to cats.

its great eating your own food when harvest time comes.

100% - there's nothing better than freshly picked veggies and fruits :)

Thank you for stopping by Papa Bear, have a wonderful day on Paradise! :))

Awww, cats and chickens sharing food like friends! That's cute! If only humans do the same without killing each other this world would be perfect! hehehe


I agree! Sometimes chickens poke cat's tales but they usually don't fight and sometimes cats even cuddle with chickens even though they don't want to cuddle with me, haha.

That's a really weird egg, was it laid by the same batch of chickens who laid normal eggs? And I never knew that cats eat the same food as chicken...


Lol, I forgot to point it out again, as I forgot in the last post I made about this topic, sometimes we give chickens leftover bread mixed with some luke warm water and both, chickens and cats love it.

Yes, the egg was by the same chickens, we have 12 of them and one rooster. :)

Hey @nikolina,

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Hope to see more content from you soon :-)


Thank you, I just became a member of the community! :)