Homesteading: Always move towards creating the life you want.

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Without this tractor we would still have been way behind...


making moves!

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Building a multi-family homestead is hard work!!! Even with the awesome pause the pandemic has brought us, we find ourselves renting an apartment this winter, again...

The barn isn't finished, it's close but we need to set up our solar electric system and we're not sure how to get our water yet. We could dig a hole for a water tank and a trench but for now our focus is on finishing the structures we worked so hard on to be safe from the elements.



Little by little...

And then there's a whole other room/addition we haven't started to build for the woodstove and living room!!!

I do need to get back to my job too because we've pretty much run out of cash and our hipcamp run seems to be coming to an end for the season.

Hipcamp is kind of like airbnb for camping, if you have land you can apply for this too and make extra income. If you do please use our invite code (we'll make a 100 bucks the first time someone books on your property!) we would appreciate that very much 😁!

Eventually we would like to build cob and strawbale cottages for income, but we also need to look at how else to create value from the land.

I am concerned that we could be entering a world where our freedom will be very easily taken away more and more. With all this crazy talk of a covid vaccine and the possibilities of making it mandatory, I could see my job making us take the fucking thing if we want to keep working! It is Hollywood and they play a big role in keeping our story on a somewhat dictated trajectory after all.

Problem is, and I've said it before... I'm a slave to the medical insurance I get through this job. 400 hours of work every 6 months gets my whole family medical, dental and optical.

A crazy new world is coming, but we will adapt. That's what we do best, and I hope you all can adapt too. Don't be sheep, please! Question everything you hear these days. And while everyone's fighting over who should be in power (political tribalism is just what they want to keep us separated), we shall allways move towards creating the life we want...

No Distractions Allowed!

On that note, does anyone have any ideas for how to create value from a piece of land? We take suggestions very seriously.

Until next time, stay sane and keep healthy...


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If you want to know what really is inside this Coconut, take a look at my Humans Of Steemit.

And don't forget… Dreams Come True!

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As for how to make money from land, I've considered trying to grow milkweed fluff to use as stuffing. It has a higher R factor than goose down (I have been told), it is pretty easy to gather (not hard on the back), the navy used it for insulation at some point, pollinators love it, and no harm is done.


That is very interesting...I definitely will have to look into that. Thanks for telling me about it and thanks for your comments!

You are one of those bringing the new world into being. You will not be a slave to anything, least of all health insurance. Thank you for doing what you do.


Yeah, that's the goal... and look at where we are today!!! What we've been preparing for is here. A little earlier than I had predicted but at least we started the ball rolling a few years ago!