Bringing The #ShedWars To The STEEM Blockchain

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It's going DOWN in the #homesteading community over at the YouTubes! An all out war - a food growing war - has broken out between three factions:


Founded by Arkansas Woodcutter, Team Woodcutter consists mostly of homesteaders and gardeners from the southern US; although, a few northern defectors have joined the team.


Named for their fearless leader, Will It Grow, this team mostly helms from the northern US, but there have been a few southerners who have allied with them.


Team Over The Pond is led by Southpaw Davey urban farm and consists of homesteaders and gardeners from the European continent, although I'm sure they would welcome the aide of anyone who decided to join them.

The Shed Wars Have Begun

The Shed Wars began as a (playful) beef between Arkansas Woodcutter and Will It Grow that quickly grew into a regional (playful) conflict. Soon, teams began to form and the challenge was on.

To The Winners Go The Spoils

What's on the line in these Shed Wars? The winning side will earn an heirloom seed collection from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds to split between team members.

How You Can Enter

While I will be cross-posting about my participation in the #shedwars here on Steem, this is a YouTube based contest. To enter, the first thing you will need to do is choose a side. I recommend doing a bit of research first. If you want to scout out the members of each team to see which one gives you the best chance of winning, you can see an overview of their videos in the following links:


Next, you will need to post two #shedwars videos before the end of May. Each video should contain the hashtags #shedwars and the hashtag for your chosen team in the video description.

Finally, have fun and be family friendly! Playful banter is welcome, but this is intended to be all in good fun.

Remember, this battle plays out ONLY ON YOUTUBE. If you wish to participate, you will have to post there; however, you can link your videos here on Steem.

Hope to see ya on the battlefield!

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