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Hello, Steemit. It's been a while, but I'm back. Things are progressing on the homestead. Yesterday's project was getting blueberries planted.

Blueberries like an acidic soil so I used barrels the keep from leaching and having to fertilizer more often.

I used bark, wood shavings, wood chips, and saw dust that I got from a neighbor's project. Also pine needles I collected from the woods. Filled the barrels halfway with this mixture and put a layer of peat moss.

Then filled with woods chips I collected from one of the country roads, where the County was cutting trees back from power lines.

I bought 6 varieties of blueberries for cross pollination. There supposed to be a better yield with cross pollination. I'm looking forward to this harvest.

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Blueberries sell for criminally high prices around here, because they're a fad. I hate that :( Best of luck with your patch! Oh and welcome back!

Good to see you posting again.

Would you like to be added to the new Homesteaders & Preppers on Steem list...


Yes, please.

Hope you have amazing success with those blueberries @tedgoodwin! Ours don't do well - actuallly they keep dying - on our South African homestead


Sorry to hear that.


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Good luck, I dug my blueberries out and now I'm trying haskaps. So far much better success.

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