Battling the storm


I’ve been battling storm Ciara yesterday (in US it’s Sabine from my understanding). It’s been a close call, we nearly lost the roof!

We get storms a lot but not hurricane winds. Part of the old roof came loose after the board (the one that keeps the wind our) came off.
Then it was just one tile after the other that flew off. We went on the roof twice to secure it and ended up putting some wood over it.
Part of our fencing went down as well as the greenhouse.

The older hens were drifting into the garden with the wind after their pen got damaged. I gave them shelter but they were too scared to go into anything so they just sat as a “pile of chicken” in the yard.
(I picked them up at night and moved them).
Their undercoat was still warm and dry so I was somewhat relieved.
They did poop out an egg in the middle of the storm.

That’s Jersey giants for ya.

No Ayumi babies yet. Their barn was probably the safest place on the homestead. I put up extra windprotection the day before (also with the little bantams).
I’ve seen a tricolor Dutch Landrace goat for sale and I’m kind of interested. I only have three does right now and it feels more like a pair than a group. With Shizu not pregnant and Kimi probably on my “to-go” list I need to look for a couple more goats that would fit into my herd.

I’m also picking up two curly roosters, a cochin and a cochin bantam. Yes I fell for them again. I have a soft spot for cochins and two free curly grey ones I just couldn’t pass up. I want them to fertilize Blue and her daughters eggs and just see what comes out. A blue/grey curly jersey cross? now that would be fun!
(Fun aside I haven’t looked into the genetics yet so I don’t know if that is even possible at this point).

Anyway that is all for now. It is still stormy so I’ll go out in a little bit and check for damage again. So far we’ve been safe!

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Storms can be scary things, especially when there's wind. Glad the damage was limited!

I grew up with bantams but have only ever done dual purpose heritage birds that produced well. We did trial Jersey Giants one year, but the genetics were poor and they took far too long to reach maturity for our operation.

Glad everyone was safe!

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